Saturday, 7 May 2011

Beitawi: national reconciliation and security coordination with IOF incompatible

[ 06/05/2011 - 01:47 PM ]

NABLUS, (PIC)-- MP Hamid Al-Beitawi, a prominent Hamas figure in Nablus city, has underlined Thursday that Palestinian national reconciliation and security coordination with the Zionist enemy are incompatible.

In a televised interview Thursday, Beitawi said that the Palestinian reconciliation agreement has indeed provoked [Israeli prime minister Binyamin] Netanyahu who wishes the Palestinian people no good.

He also shrugged of Israeli threats to stop remitting money to the PA authority in Ramallah, stressing that the money (which is comprised of tax collected on behalf of the PA from Palestinian businesses) was the right of the Palestinian people and not a charity from Natanyau, and thus, no one has the right to seize this money.

The legislator also hailed the Egyptian role in achieving the reconciliation agreement, underscoring that Egypt played a role in the past in the liberation of Palestine and will play a role in liberating Palestine anew.

In this regard, Beitawi called on the Arab and Muslim leaders and peoples to support Egypt's efforts in this regard, and to give all the support to the Palestinian people who are in the front line of confrontation against the Zionist enemy.

He also urged the PA leadership in Ramallah not to listen to Netanyahu's threats, saying that the PA leadership should withdraw its recognition of the Israeli occupation.

"How could we recognize an entity that occupies Jerusalem, Akka, Yafa, Tel al Rabie, and uprooted millions of Palestinian people from their land?" Bietawi questioned.

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