Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Wikileaks: Samir Geagea: "I am working with Ashraf Rifi on acquiring ammunitions for the Lebanese Forces ... at market price!"


Cable number:08BEIRUT669
10. Geagea pointed out that the current situation is not terrible, but that March 14 needs to do something to "curb Hezbollah." he suggested to try to "turn defeat to victory." He said the list of actions that the focus should shift to longer-range look on how to defeat Hezbollah.
11. Whispering, Geagea stressed his previous requests for ammunition for the Lebanese Forces, and I know the Chargé d'affaires that he had met with the Director of Internal Security Forces... He added that he has contacted ISF's Major General Ashraf Rifi, previousely during the day. Geagea told us that he was working with Rifi to buy ammunition "at the market price from other countries", munitions destined for the LF and Walid Jumblatt. (Comment: we visited Rifi earlier this afternoon, May 12, and then we came back and we met him during the afternoon at the home of his friend Saad (Hariri). Geagea seems intent on arming the LF. End comment.)
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