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Mishaal: The Palestinian split is behind us

[ 04/05/2011 - 09:58 PM ]

CAIRO, GAZA, (PIC)-- Hamas politburo chairman Khalid Mishaal has said that ”the page of the black Palestinian split has been turned and is now behind us,” stressing that the only battle for the Palestinians was with Israel.

He was speaking on Wednesday at a ceremony held at Egyptian intelligence services headquarters to celebrate the signing of a national unity agreement between Hamas and Fatah as well as other Palestinian factions.

The ceremony was attended by prominent Arab, Muslim, and international figures.

Mishaal emphasized that the signing of the agreement came for the sake of the Palestinian people and the Arab people who are rising up across the Middle East, foremost of whom are ”the great people of Egypt”.

"We want to achieve the joint national goal of establishing an independent state on the land of Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital, without the presence of any Zionist settlers,” Mishaal said.

He gave special thanks to the leadership, government, and people of Egypt for contributing and sponsoring the national talks that led to the deal.

Hamas and the remaining Palestinian factions would continue to have mutual understanding in managing the political situation.

"[We are] ready to come to a joint administration of resistance and diplomatic movement,” he said.

The ceremony began at 1:30pm and included Robert Serry, sent as an envoy by UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon and Amr Moussa, secretary-general of the Arab League, as well as Arab and Muslim officials.

Foreign diplomats who attended include Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, secretary-general of the Organization of the Islamic Conference and Turkish foreign minister Ahmet Davotoglu.

For his part, Fatah chief Mahmoud Abbas said: ”We have turned the page of division forever”.

Abbas, who heads the Palestinian Authority, which rules the West Bank, sent a message to Israel to choose between settlement construction and peace.

Political analysts in Palestine have confirmed that the Mishaal speech following the historic deal reflect Hamas's desire for reconciliation.

Mishaal made some very important implications, writer and political analyst Mustafa Sawwaf told the PIC. Most importantly he said that Hamas is ready to ”pay the price and dues” for reconciliation and to end the split.

This is a responsible position by Mishaal, Sawwaf said.

Sawwaf noted that Mishaal's acceptance of elections proves that Hamas sees the elections as a way for the Palestinians to choose their leaders entrusted with preserving their rights over the upcoming stage.

The most beautiful thing about his speech is that he didn't respond to the formalities imposed by Mahmoud Abbas but instead overlooked them.

"Mishaal didn't neglect in his speech to direct a message to Israel that Hamas maintains its strength to face the Israeli occupation,” said Eyad al-Qara, a writer and Gaza university professor. ”This implies that Hamas will maintain its military strength in the coming stage and that diplomacy alone is not enough.”

"What distinguishes Khalid Mishaal's speech is that he stayed away from details that could have triggered a tense atmosphere,” Qara said.
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