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Hobballah: Oppositions Never Incite World againt their Country!
Hussein Assi
Former MP Hasan Hobballah to Al-Manar Website:

  • Resistance Will Topple Indictment’s Repercussions
  • Sayyed Nasrallah Declared Commitment to Rights
  • March 14 Holds Hezbollah Responsible for Everything
  • We Won Public Opinion’s Battle through Democracy
  • Oppositions Never Incite World against their Country!

Former Hezbollah lawmaker in the Lebanese parliament Hasan Hobballah said that the international tribunal comes in the framework of the attempts to tarnish the image of the Resistance. He assured all the resistance’s supporters that it would topple any dangerous repercussions of the indictment in the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri’s case, and said that the Lebanese have overcome the tribunal’s crisis.

In an exclusive interview with Al-Manar Website, MP Hobballah said that the most important part in the latest speech of Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah was when he confirmed the balance of power and stressed that rights cannot be violated anymore in Lebanon, “because we have enough power to protect our rights in the water and the land.”

While condemning the latest blast that targeted UNIFIL forces in South Lebanon as part of the attempts to create instability in the country, Hobballah found strange the stance of March 14 forces which were used to holding Hezbollah and its allies responsible for everything in the country. He said this bloc was unable to accept the idea that it was out of power.

Hobballah regretted the rhetoric adopted by the opposition, and noted that there was nothing called ‘hatred’ in politics, but rather dispute and different political vision. He found strange how this opposition could incite the world to boycott its country, in an unprecedented move in the history of opposition.


The former lawmaker, who used to represent Hezbollah as part of the Loyalty and Resistance parliamentary bloc, told Al-Manar Website that the roadside bomb that targeted a UNIFIL patrol in the southern city of Sidon, resembling another blast that targeted these forces at the same region a while ago, was part of the attempts of creating instability in the country.

On Tuesday, three French soldiers serving with the United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon (UNIFIL) were wounded in a blast that targeted a UNIFIL patrol when it was travelling along the coastal road, near the southern entrance of the city of Sidon.

Hobballah recalled that the UNIFIL forces were in Lebanon as a result of a general Lebanese consensus, with a defined mission of helping the Lebanese army in preserving stability in the South. “Therefore, any attack against the UNIFIL is an attack against Lebanon, and constitutes a real embarrassment for the Lebanese government, people, and political forces that stand side by side with the Lebanese government,” he said.

Hobballah, who condemned the incident, found strange March 14’s interpretation regarding it. He was referring to the March 14 General Secretariat which claimed that the attack would not have taken place in the first place had it not been for Hezbollah’s hostile positions towards international agreements. “March 14 forces seem to be used to hold Hezbollah and its allies responsible of everything that takes place in Lebanon,” he said.


The former Hezbollah MP said that March 14’s practices come in the framework of their refusal to accept the idea that they were not in power anymore. He highlighted that what happened in Lebanon was purely democratic, and noted that neither a military coup nor a popular revolution took place in the country. “Everything was democratic, since the collapse of Saad Hariri’s government as a result of the resignation of more than one-third of its members, as the constitution says. Everything that took place following this revolution was also democratic, mainly the binding parliamentary consultations, the appointment of a new Prime Minister and the government formation.”

Yet, Hobballah remarked that the March 14 forces were used to hold their rivals responsible of all the country’s crises, after they failed in managing the country and after they caused lots of miseries and catastrophes for the Lebanese people. He rejected March 14’s rhetoric regarding the UNIFIL incident, and expressed belief there was no link between the internal environment and this criminal act. Even more, he recalled that it was not the first time the UNIFIL forces were targeted. “Similar incidents happened before, under governments headed by Fouad Saniora and Saad Hariri, who were the main pillars of the new opposition. But, no one used such rhetoric. This constitutes another proof of the poor situation of these forces that are suffering from a lack of vision.”


Hobballah rejected the accusations launched by March 14 forces against Hezbollah in which they held the resistance responsible of what they called an attempt to politically assassinate former Prime Minister Saad Hariri. He also regretted the statement recently released by Hariri’s press office, in which he accused Hezbollah and its Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah personally of standing behind what he called ‘hatred campaigns’ against the Hariri family.

Hobballah noted that there was nothing called hatred in politics, but rather different political visions. He said that the new majority forces have won the public opinion battle, and urged Hariri not to blame others for his own mistakes. “We wanted a national unity government, but he refused. We sought to be one united hand, but he refused. Even more, we said that we were a national resistance seeking to protect Lebanon, and we expressed full readiness to participate in a national dialogue over this vision. But they favored to listen to the foreigners, and asked them for help against their compatriots.”

Hobballah pointed to a statement recently made by former Prime Minister Fouad Saniora who announced on the behalf of March 14 forces, the opposition’s intention to incite Arab and Western states to boycott the government of PM Najib Miqati, although it represents Lebanon. “Is there any opposition in the world that calls for boycotting its country? What logic is this?!”


To conclude, Hobballah tackled the latest speech made by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Nasrallah, in which he commemorated the fifth anniversary of the July 2006 war and the resistance’s Divine Victory. He said that the most important part in the speech was when Sayyed Nasrallah confirmed the balance of power and stressed that rights cannot be violated anymore in Lebanon, “because we have enough power to protect our rights in the water and the land.” He noted that this balance, based on the golden People-Army-Resistance formula is the one that will protect Lebanon from any Zionist plan to attack Lebanon.

Hobballah also pointed to the Resistance leader’s warning against the plots to tarnish the image of the Resistance. “These efforts are not new, but they reached their climax due to the international tribunal, which is targeting the resistance,” he said, as he stressed that this tribunal has in turn lost the public opinion battle. He noted that all bets on the indictment to create chaos went with the wind as the indictment was released, and nothing happened.

While assuring the resistance’s supporters that the Lebanese have overcome the crisis and that any damage would be a limited one, he stressed that the Resistance would topple any dangerous repercussion of the indictment as well as US-Zionist schemes.
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