Thursday, 1 March 2012

Solving the problem?

Nahida the exiled Palestinian


Behind closed doors
In big dark rooms
Men in black and grey
Eating, drinking
Laughing and chatting away
Gather to discuss our problem
The problem of Palestinians!

They talked about
"Human rights"
And a "solution"
A "vision"
That will bring peace
To the troubled Middle East!

"We can easily solve this. . .
If only. . .
If only. . .
Those terrorists
Would stop their violence"

They concluded

"And as for the refugees
That's no problem
At all
Just give them some money
Compensate. . .
And they'll all be content"

Those "civilized"
"Freedom lovers"
"Peace protectors"
"Human right defenders"
"Guardians of ethics"

Did they not know
A man
With a knife
Against his throat
Has the right
To push His butcher

Did they not know
A child,
Who grew up
Far… far away
Deprived of the love
Gentle touch
And warm hugs
Of her beloved grandma
Given the infinite universe
Can never compensate her!!

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