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What About Syria?

What About Syria?  asked Laura Stuart,

"Palestine was and will always remain the core issue, and to all who is concerned: Syria is the resistance cave and the conspiracy against Damascus is to fall as 2006 Israeli" aggression against Lebanon and its resistance suffered a humiliating defeat." Nasrallah

 New Syria`s Constitution
New Syria`s Constitution
The sole Achievement of "Arab Spring" is Syrian
People are asking Laura Stuart why she do not comment on the situation in Syria, unfortunatly she replied with a vidoe as her reply with just a few comments.

Luara should asked what about Palestine? Because if the situation in Syria is dividing us all, if we are really united on Palestine, the central cause for Arabs and Muslims, Palestine should make us understand what's goining on in Syria, and who is responsible for the killing in Syria, and should unite us all about the Situation in Syria.

Laurah admitted that Bashar "has done more to help the resistance against Israel than most of the corrupt leaders of Muslim Arab lands." 
I wonder if Laura knows that Syria was the cradle and the safe haven of resistance since early sixties. If she knows, I wonder if she knows that deep in the Syrian Mind, Palestine is an Occupied Syrian Land, that the struggle in the so-called middle east is between Greater Syria and Greater Israel.
This fact explains,
  • Why the Syrian Shaikh Ezzideen Al-Qassan martyred leading 1936 revolution is a Palestinian Hero and symbole of resistance, even for Palestinian secular factions?
  • Why Bashar "has done more to help the resistance against Israel than most of the corrupt leaders of Muslim Arab lands."?
  • Why Syria is the living Hart of Arab nationalism as Hasser called it?
  • And why Syria is wanted now, like it was wanted in 1950's by the Brothers of America ?
Laura Stuart
"By your friends you are know"
Zoom out of your Veal, and your Islamists and their enemies, the librals missed the direction, to serve the Zionist new plan to devide the divided, they checked the KING, and embalmed his regime, to secure the interests of Zionized western countries and their zinists puppet.  Syrians did the contrary, the checked the corruptions and oppressions and Kept the King to lead the Syrian Resistance Spring.

The real citizens of Syria rose up peacfully against oppression, but without missing the direction, and achieved what others failed to do.
Saudi cleric Aaed al-Qarni
Killed because killing him is more noble
than killing an Israeli
Syrians are getting killed by Islamist thugs who either sold their souls to Nato and "Israel" the real enemy and their zionists masters to prevent the Syrian Resistance Spring, or brainwashed by your Sheik Arifi , Qutadawi, and Al-Qurni, the Brothers of America considering “Murdering Assad more Noble than Killing an Israeli”, calling for "killing one third of the Syrians so that the other two thirds live"

The so-called "Arab Spring" Islamists, and Librals, highjacked the popular revolutions, they are asking their master "Is it a pre-condition to recognize Israel in order to govern?" 
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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