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Two faces of the Same Shekel: "Hey free Israel", "Hey anti-zionist zionist" ... "Our enemy and your enemy is one"

The latest scandals of Istanbul Council

[On behalf of the moderate Sunni majority, a representative for "general body of the Syrian revolution" demanded Israel support of the Syrian revolution "against" enemy "Shiite!!?

Exposing the untold...
141 members of the "Istanbul Council"...
71 of them not declared..
What Are Israel's terms to meet with Ghaliun? ..
Ghaliun to Israelis: "You have to restrain Arour"...
Tel Aviv announced the creation of the "Israeli coordinating in support of the Syrian revolution" led by Likud member Ayoub Al-qarra and Israeli MP's, rabbis and retired military personnel and Muslim clerics from the Arabs of Palestine 1948. The Announcement was made during a "solidarity" stand in front of the Russian Embassy in Tel Aviv last week (see the Video).... ] 

The conspiracy on Syria, like all conspiracies is "made in Israel"!


A member of "general body of the Syrian revolution" claiming to represent the moderate Sunni majority addressed the Israeli coordination committee skillfully touched the feeling of what he called, the "freemen of Israel", and avoided completely the blood torrent in Gaza, and the Sunni Palestinian resistance factions confrenting the Israeli aggresion, saying:

"Hey freemen of the state of Israel ... Arabs, Yahood, Duruz.. and all spectrum within Israeli society, we demand you to to support the Syrian "revolution" and give-up "the terrorist, sheaa Assadi regime", killing its people, and supporting terrorist organizations like Hezbollah firing rockets on Israelis, participating in killing Syrians. We witnessed Hezbullah rockets falling on Zabadani where many Hezbollah and Irani fighters were captured... Iran supports the criminal regime, threatens Israel, its security and people, Ahmadinejad, many times threatened to raze Israel from the map and very soon will have nuclear bomb. Our enemy is your enemy; we need freedom, security as you do. Our aims and our enemy are one."

Meanwhile, Alain Juppe urged the Syrian opposition to stop "tearing itself apart" in an interview published on Friday, in which he also opposed providing Syrian rebels with arms.

"There are some opponents whose attitudes are seriously weakening the opposition -- as long as they continue to tear themselves apart and fight amongst themselves," Juppe said in an interview with French newspaper Le Monde.
"We are doing everything to try to unite the opposition around the Syrian National Council and to convince them to be more inclusive, to welcome Alawites, Christians," he said. "They are not doing well enough.

Its two late Mr. Juppe,

The Syrian People Said its Word, therefore, after Anan's visit to Damucus, an the rise of Islamic Jihad with weapons that can reach Tel Aviv, a delegation from Hamas headed by Mousa Abu Marzouk (NOT Mishaal) met Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah met Monday to “to resolve the developments in Syria and the relations with the Muslim Brotherhood amid the developments in the Arab World, as well as on cooperating to find the “right channels to improve Iran’s ties with the Arab countries which would be based on trust”.
On Wednesday as part of a visit to Tehran, ignored by PIC, Mahmud Zahar met with Iranian Parliament speaker Ali Larijani and the head of Iran's supreme national Security Council Saeed Jalili late who reiterated Iran's unwavering support for the Palestinian cause, and cautioned Zahar against "plots" seeking to divide the Palestinian resistance. Zahar was quoted as saying that "the principles and strategy of the Palestinian Islamic resistance will not change." “The regional Islamic revolutions are all in line with strengthening the Islamic objectives, the upcoming victory of the Palestinian nation, and changing the power balance in the region,” he said.

According to English Alakhbar "In recent months, divisions have opened between Hamas chief Khaled Meshal, who lives in exile, and members of the group's Gaza leadership, including Zahar.

Meshal said in May 2011 he was ready to give negotiations with Israel "a chance," and offered tacit support for the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside Israel.
He has also publicly supported peaceful "popular resistance," and engaged in a reconciliation deal with rival Palestinian group Fatah, even backing an agreement to have Palestinian president and Fatah chief Mahmoud Abbas serve as the head of a temporary consensus government.
Those positions have put him at odds with much of the leadership in Gaza, which has warned that it expects to be consulted about key decisions, including on reconciliation with Fatah."
According to PIC, Mishaal and Hamas delegation arrives Friday in Turkey to meet with Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the moderate sunni Sultan, and a number of Turkish officials, and discussthe latest developments relating to the Palestinian (SYRIAN) issue..

Meanwhile, pregnant US "Palestinian" Community Network, after "years of work, persuasion, temptation, pressure and coercion" delivered a bastard.
On the "Popular resistance" and "Activisim front,"

The illusion to be accepted as equals with "Chosen" is intact, thus equating oppressors and supremacist with oppressed, ignoring the ugly fact that 70% of "Israeli" Jews believe that they are the "chosen"?, facilitating the normalization and the whitewashing of the crimes" "while knowing that the oppressor suffers from the "chosen" superiority complex, and "foolishly accepting the finalization of the Zionist project by embracing Post-Zionism with all its supremacists racist attitudes"

"Abunimah, the self-claimed "owner of Palestine", the self-appointed Future-Immigration-Minister, hopes to facilitate the continuous invasion of the supremacist "chosen" occupiers! How amazing! How just! How very generous! How pathetic!"
 "Abunimah, continues to further deceive his people, the victims, when he lays the claim that as a prerequisite to having "self-determination", Palestinians are implicitly asked not only to pre-forgive and grant their oppressors total and unconditional amnesty before they even stop their crimes, but also they are suppose to defend the sensitivities and shield from attacks, the present occupiers and those who support them.

Moreover, the victims of decades of racism are supposed to secure the future of the supremacist victimizers, and to reassure and guarantee the abusers that their crimes don't matter, no matter what they do, they will always be accepted as equal (though as "chosen" they will be a little bit more equal than others), and their freedom (to continue their oppression, theft, crimes and mischief) will always be granted."
Gilad Atzmon has become
a favorite target of the
Jewish tribal nexus and
its allies because he
is fearless enough to
take on the issue of
Jewish supremacism.

Electronic Ali expose his tue face
"A group of prominent Palestinians made their required obeisance to Jewish sensibilities and launched an attack on Gilad Atzmon. "Atzmon is not only a longtime defender of Palestine, he has also emerged as one of the most powerful voices in anti-Zionist discourse. Why attack him at all, of course, but why especially now?" Asked Richard Edmondson.

Here is some answers:

Ali Abunimah wants to protect and enhance his western-based solidarity  Career. Over five years ago he did exactly the same to Israel Shamir, Deir Yassin Remembered and me.

"Abunimah is nothing but a gatekeeper on the payroll of his Jewish Zionist friends. They pay him with the currency he appreciates: publicity and access to the Jewish-owned media. Totally unheard of previously, his articles began to be published in the important American papers. Some friendly Jews set him up with his Electronic Intifada. They keep the discourse within its permitted limits."

"He (Gilad) has examined, and written about, the issue of “Jewishness”, about HIS “Jewishness”, and about mine"
"If there are those who dislike Atzmon’s ideas, they are free to write their own and express disagreement. They are free to state that Atzmon does not represent them. But to organize a list of those who agree to disavow him is disgraceful, and in my opinion does not serve the cause. There should be a retraction and an apology"

Because "The Wandering Who?, rocked the boat," said Gilad, "it also has managed to unite Alan Dershowitz and Abe Foxman with Ali Abunimah and Max Blumenthal." he added and confirmed that he do not have any plans to slow down or drift away. "it is our duty to ask: Who are the Jews? What is Judaism? And what is Jewishness all about?....The fact that some activists shy away from asking those questions doesn’t mean that the rest of us also should behave cowardly...What we are witnessing here is a clear Zionist shift from the discourse of a “promised land” to one of a “promised detractors may have to actually read my book and decide exactly what they are against."

(Tim King )

Know Your Enemy! End the Ridiculous Persecution of Gilad Atzmon said "Tim King of Salem News "Just know this: every time one of our dedicated writers falls under a public attack over criticism of Israeli military politics, those leading the charge with their same lame false claims of 'antisemitism' are insincere and acting out of pressure from Israel, even if they don't know it.

Every time. No exceptions.

When an activist for Palestine is killed and reports say the killers didn't carry out the murder on behalf of Israel, they are lying. When they say Ken O'Keefe or Gilad Atzmon are antisemitic, they are lying."


 "Not in my name!" responded Nahida, the exiled Palestinian to the zionist, anti-zionist zionists campain.
"What is shocking in this whole fiasco is the striking similarity of the method, the timing, and the type of accusation between the anti-Zionist Jewish “supporters” and hyper-Zionists. It is a carbon copy of the Anti Defamation League and the Board of Deputies of British Jews style that aims to “silence by slander” those who dare to speak the truth or go deeper in their analysis by looking at motivation and methods of operation of the criminal entity and it's global supporters." she said.

 "Finally, it appears that years of work, persuasion, temptation, pressure and coercion have yielded its fruits, with the publishing (made it into hyper Zionist hate-site Harry's Place) of the joined statement by Mr Ali Abunimah and a few others, in which they brazenly called upon Palestinians and their supporters to disavow Gilad Atzmon because of his alleged "anti-semitism". 

Here, I cannot help but wonder, what does Ali Abunimah mean exactly when he invites people to disavow Atzmon?

Can this "disavowal" be understood as a modern secular-leftist substituted for the "good old" Judaic concept of Herem?

Are we not entitled to ask then, if that concept of "disavowal" is by any chance related to the Talmudic concept of excommunication, in which "the Talmud forbids coming within six feet of a person who has been excommunicated"?

Ali Abunimah opens his statement with the declaration: "Granting No Quarter", calling to deprive the accused of any mercy or forgiveness. Such daring harsh words which mean "not to allow someone any mercy" eerily resemble the sinister Kabbalistic invocation of Pulsa diNura, a "ceremony in which the angels of destruction are invoked to block heavenly forgiveness of the subject’s sins",

It appears, yet again, that some people are determined to thrust us back into the Dark-Ages. Not only do they exhibit severe intolerance towards those whom they disagree with, but also instead of defending their position and "refuting" such disagreeable ideas with logic, factual information and reason, they resort to fight them with unsubstantiated accusations. 

Furthermore, they actively and shamelessly participate in barbaric rabbinic medieval type of behaviour, in which they call for the "disavowal" (modern-secular for excommunication) of those whom they perceive as "heretics" for daring to think outside the box or for being crazy enough to talk about taboos and cross the boundaries of "permissible" debate. Amazingly, even those who refuse to abide by such "rabbinical-style" orders are also sentenced for being guilty by association, so they get the excommunication treatment too!

I would like to remind Mr Ali Abunimah and the few individuals who signed his statement, that in our Islamic heritage, Arabic tradition and Palestinian culture that they claims to defend and protect, such concept of
excommunication , Herem, Pulsa diNura, and exclusion from mercy and forgiveness, are non-existent.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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