Saturday, 9 February 2013

Moaz Al-Khatib: New Regime in Syria Won’t be Foe to Israel

Head of Doha Coalition Moaz al-Khatib told the Israeli Newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth that “the new regime in Syria” will not be a foe to ‘Israel’ and will not attack it, SANA news agency reported.
Al-Khatib added that "Israel shouldn't be worried over the issue of the chemical weapons as the opposition coalition will possess the regime's stockpiles of weapons, including the chemical and prevent them from falling in to Hezbollah's hands."

He said that the coalition has a plan to impose control over the strategic weapons in Syria in case the regime falls.

He described Hezbollah as "sons of devil", adding that "We'll spare no effort to prevent any military or chemical weapons passing to it. We realize that this topic is of major concern to Israel and we are cooperating with international sides to help us in this regard."

He confessed to having received information from the US, French and German intelligence on the Syrian army and its bases and movements.

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