Sunday, 3 February 2013

Tolerance and Intolerance


Lebanon is living a very particular circumstance and is pregnant with unprecedented potentials . First it is hosting the strongest active enemy of the world order . It is hosting the future Islam of the world, the Islam of openness and tolerance and justice and acceptance of the other while it is half populated by Christians . These Christians- in majority- are protecting this Islam.

And while the reputation of tolerance goes to Gandhi and Mandela , the real tolerance is embodied in Hizbullah who is sitting on a ready to explode bomb and not allowing it to explode. Never a party or a faction who had so much sacrificed and offered been so much exposed and attacked and provoked and accused of unbelievable fictitious crimes.

But the Armed Resistance of Hizbullah had never been drawn into local or side conflicts and this is the great asset of the Resistance if not the greatest. Not only it has defeated Israel but it has defeated every plot and conspiracy of igniting fitna whether religious or sectarian and turned down every scheme of setting them against any other local or foreign faction or religion or party.

Mind you Hizbullah has weapons and power that allow him to impose himself in matter of hours and silence de facto all those who threaten him or provoke him , but will not use this strength except against the offenses of the Israeli enemy .Nothing and no one can sway the Resistance from this ultimate goal , for this reason there is tolerance even regarding the sworn enemies who want to see the Resistance stripped off of its weapons and tried before International Courts .

Hizbullah will not in any way treat his local enemies the way they treat him. The government is making use of such tolerance and openness but is learning its lesson and getting acquainted with the defects of such policy of non interference with the thugs of the Syrian opposition in Lebanese roaming thrvillages and towns. The Resistance is all mobilized against Israel and ready to strike and defend the country and the people including the local sectarian enemies who are working against the interests of the country.

In comparison, the sectarian Lebanese faction that consists of Hariri and 14th of March allies is – on the contrary practicing intolerance towards each and everyone who does not pay tribute to Hariri to the point that it is even boycotting the parliamentary sessions where it has the majority of seats . It is even attacking the Lebanese army and inflicting casualties among its officers and undermining co existence in a country that comprises eighteen religions and sects.

These Hariri people are but a small picture of a global imperialist faction that includes Israel and its allies and the fanatic thugs whom we have seen operating in Syria,, killing women and children indiscriminately, destroying churches and chasing Christians out of their villages and towns and punishing civilians for no reason and abducting pilgrims coming from holy visits . This is the kind of rule promoted by the world order that seeks to destroy the model of openness and tolerance .

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