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Jalili after meeting Assad: Israel to Regret Attack on Syria

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Saeed JaliliSecretary of the Iranian Supreme National Security Council, Saeed Jalili, assured Monday that the Syrian people and regime should choose the destiny of their country, considering that “the Syrian regime stood firm for years in front of challenges… and certainly, the regime that can stand up to the Israeli entity, would enjoy public support."

In a press conference he held in Damascus, Jalili indicated that “destroying the infrastructures in Syria cannot be classified as defending the rights of the Syrian people,” stressing that “national dialogue is the best way to end the Syrian crisis.”

He also highlighted the strong relation between Iran and the Syrian people and regime, clarifying that “the Solution in Syria should be decided by the Syrian people themselves.”

Israel will regret its attack on Syria

During his visit to Syria, the Iranian official further considered that “the purpose of the scheme against Syria is that the Islamic world overlooks the Israeli entity.”

“It was expected that the occupation makes up for its weakness, especially with Syria’s major part in the resistance’s victory against the occupying entity,” Jalili pointed out.

Moreover, he indicated that Israel aimed at creating conflicts between the Syrians by its latest attack, stressing that the Zionist entity “will regret its attack on Syria, just like it regretted its war on Gaza and Lebanon.”

Jalili further clarified that “Syria plays an advanced role in the Islamic world, and this will prevent any attack on it,” and reassured that “Iran will use its power in the Security Council to support Syria against Israel.”

Assad initiative should form a base for national dialogue

Jalili considered that “the Syrian president’s initiative could form a base for national dialogue. Since the beginning, we have welcomed any initiative that is based on a peaceful solution and dialogue in Syria, because a military solution will lead to the destruction of Syria.”

In this context, he stated that “Iran had supported the Egyptian president’s initiative to find a peaceful solution in Syria,” and that “Egypt had cooperated with Iran more than any other country on Syria.”
On another hand, the secretary of the Iranian Supreme National Security Council assured that “Iran proposes the same solution in Syria and Bahrain… we believe that dialogue is the best solution in all countries, including Bahrain.”

Ready for nuclear talks by end of February

On the nuclear issue, Jalili clarified that “when Iran defends its nuclear rights; it is actually defending all the member states in the NPT.”“We have clearly proposed our stances on the nuclear talks in five rounds in Moscow… We strongly reject and oppose the proliferation of nuclear weapons, but we support nuclear power for peaceful purposes, and we defend our right of possessing this power, he added, indicating that “we are prepared for nuclear talks by the end of February.”


Assad: Syria Capable of Confronting any Aggression

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Assad, JaliliSyrian President Bashar al-Assad accused the Zionist entity of trying to destabilize Syria after an air strike on a scientific research center near Damascus last week unmasked the true role the entity was playing.

State TV said Assad spoke during a meeting with visiting head of Iran's Supreme National Security Council, Saeed Jalili. The comments by Assad are the first since the attack on Wednesday that killed two people and injured five others.

The president said Syria is capable of facing current challenges and can "confront any aggression" that would target the Syrian people.

He said that last Wednesday’s raid “unmasked the true role Israel is playing, in collaboration with foreign enemy forces and their agents on Syrian soil, to destabilize and weaken Syria.”

Jamraya attackImages of the targeted site show destroyed cars, trucks and military vehicles. A building has broken windows and damaged interiors, but no major structural damage.

State news agency SANA quoted Jalili as reaffirming Tehran’s full support for the Syrian people facing the Zionist aggression, and its continued coordination to confront the conspiracies and foreign projects.

Israeli defense minister has indicated from Munich that the entity was behind the air strike, in the first public comments from his government on the attack.

Ehud Barak brought the issue up at a gathering of the world's top diplomats and defense officials in Germany, initially saying: “I cannot add anything to what you have read in the newspapers about what happened in Syria several days ago.”

But he added: “I keep telling frankly that we said - and that's proof when we said something we mean it - we say that we don't think it should be allowed to bring advanced weapons systems into Lebanon.”

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