Monday, 2 February 2009

The Amazing Ehudini


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Oy, is there anyone out there with more chutzpah than our amazing Ehudini?

With two zeleiger wars, mountains of dead islamofacist kinders and shikzes, and charges of corruption going back to when he was mayor of Jerusalem, our Ehud'le always said that he is a haimish mensch and the victim of a witch hunt by his political competitors.

Nu, our prime'le minister showed the world that he is so important, he can even call the president of Americe off the podium to the phone, and give him orders about how Condi'le should vote at the UN.

He showed the goyim in Lebanon and Goyza that he can play G_d and exterminate masses of them whenever he wants to with unconventional weapons supplied by the Americans. He can even attack UN schools and warehouses, and rely on Americe to veto any UN action against Israel.

Our Ehud'le is not stupid. He understands that he is one of the Chosen people and he can do whatever he likes and never face justice at the farkockteh ICC.

He has friends in high places and he knew all would be forgiven by the voters in Yisrael if he managed to kill enough meshuggenah hamasniks before the election.

Nu shoin, his only regret about Goyza is that he will be losing his diplomatic immunity in March, and the annual family trip, all expenses paid by Yad Vashim and AKIM, will have to be delayed until it's safe for our Ehudini to go back to Europe.

But perhaps our Bush'le will invite Ehudini and his family for a visit to the new ranch in Paraguay, a safe place for war criminals to hide from the witch hunting operatives of the Hague.

United against the ICC

- Unmitigated gall, brazeness beyond imagination. The classic example is the boy who killed both his parents, then threw himself on the mercy of the court because he was an orphan.

Farcockteh - All fucked up.

Haimish - down-to-earth, sympatico, approachable, a "haimisheh mensch" is a regular guy.

Mishuggeneh - crazy, nuts. "That's a mushuggeneh idea."

Shikzes - goy women

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