Saturday, 24 July 2010

I Smell a Rat: Two Telling Polls

As I wrote before, I brought this pull from "Palestinian" Idiot site where the pull is designed to force the voters to say "YES", or "NO" for resolving PA in both Occupied West Bank and Liberated (besieged) Gaza.

The idiot put the Palestinian traitors and Palestinian Freedom fighters Authorities in the same Basket. The first, is Oslo's bastard, brought to end the first intifada, crush the resistance, the second is the elected authority standing tall under fire and siege to keep the Palestinian cause alive.

 I said earlies no decent reader would say No to desolving the treason authority in Ramallah.
In saying "Yes" the reader indirectly says "Yes" to desolving besieged Resistance Authority in Gaza. However, Some Pro-Resistance readers would Vote "Yes" to get rid of Ramalla Traitor, and releave Hamas from the Authority burden. Consequently, out of 22

The first time I checked the Idiot's Poll I found:

Do you think that the PA, with both the West Bank and the Gaza Components, should be dissolved?
Yes 100%
No 0%
4 votes total 
In the Second check as I expected the Idiot's Pull result has not changed significally. The Number ov voters increased from 4 to 19

Yes 95%18 
No 5%
19 votes total
Today the is no change other than the Number of voters changed from 19 t0 22 after his call
Only one Voted against resovling PA in both West bank and Gaza. The Number of Participants is telling.
So the Idiot is happy: Bye, Bye Hamas.. and welcome for the One state solution (Not in one thosand year as My dear Gilad said)
Do you think that the PA, with both the West Bank and the Gaza Components, should be dissolved?
Yes 95%21 
No 5%
22 votes total free polls

Do you think that the PA should be dissolved?


  63 (35%)


  11 (6%)

Only in WB

  103 (58%)

Only in Gaza

  0 (0%)

Votes so far: 177
Poll closed
No one voted to disolving Resistance Authority in Gaza, even in his pull only one voted for disolving both authorites.
63% said yes to disolving the Occupation Sub-Contractor's Authority in Ramalla
The Idiots Polls 95% droped here to 35% saying "Yes" to disolving Both Authorities.
6% said No to disoving Both Authorities, which is matching his 5%

The Idiots Poll is still opened. I say again it will not Change

Update: I said it will not change
Yes 92%24 
No 8%
26 votes total 
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

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