Tuesday 8 June 2010

Iran’s Guard Corps Ready to Escort Gaza Aid Ships

"Indeed, as the quality of metals is often tested by fire, so is the quality of men tested by their stands and attitudes toward the enduring scandal of the enduring Gaza nightmare as well as the overall Palestinian cause." Khalid Amayreh

Iran’s Guard Corps Ready to Escort Gaza Aid Ships

07/06/2010 Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has expressed readiness to escort aid convoys seeking to pierce the three-year Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip. The announcement comes nearly one week after Israeli navy commandoes killed nine activists onboard the Turkish flagship of the Gaza-bound Freedom Flotilla, a convoy of nine ships carrying aid to the impoverished Palestinians trapped inside the enclave since 2007.

"In the wake of (last week's) unfair attack, it is Iran's duty to defend the innocent people of Gaza," Mehr News Agency, quoted Ali Shirazi, the Leader's representative in the IRGC naval forces, as saying on Sunday. "Iran's naval forces are ready to escort the peace flotilla to Gaza with all their powers and capabilities," Shirazi added.

Shirazi went on to say that if the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei issued a decree, the IRGC naval forces would immediately dispatch escort ships.

Despite international outrage over the deadly assault, which has triggered massive protests in Europe and the Middle East, Israeli commandoes boarded another aid ship on Saturday.

Neo-Hannthala from Rizzstine:

Thanks, Iran! But NO Thanks!

"As Iran always did in the case of Palestinian conflict, they try to make use of the plight of Palestinians for their benefit. The "liberation of Palestine" was always part of the "Iranian Islamic Revolution" propaganda.

But when you look in realities on the ground, they have never done anything good for Palestine or Palestinians except talk and raising Palestinian flags in their in-home demonstrations every now and then. Apart from that, they supported Hamas and still do so with little or no money to keep them alive in front of the other Palestinian parties.

Whether this is good or not is debatable, but in general, non-Hamas supporters see no good in this relationship, but on the contrary it was always a reason for those who don’t support Hamas to stay away from it so that they will not be considered as Iran supporters.

Now let's be clear here. We are not against Iran’s legitimate rights. Like all nations on earth, we respect and accept any government that is the voice of its people, that is, a democratically elected government, but this is not the case.

On the other hand, we are absolutely not against any help offered to Palestinians, but we should always ask ourselves a question about anything that has to do with our struggle: at what cost?

Iran is at the centre of international pressure on account of its nuclear program issue, so the Gaza Freedom Flotilla issue and all the positive reaction the Palestinians are getting as a result of Israeli stupidity is going to be a goldmine for the Iran propaganda machine at a time when they need it. But who will buy it?"

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More From Neo-Hanthala in Rizzostine

.Haitham Sabbah – Surround me with songs of deliverance: crossing the borders of solidarity

Let's assume that the Egyptian government was replaced with new democratically elected one, what do you think would happen? The answer seems vague, but believe me, it is very simple. Remember what happened in Occupied Palestine four years ago? Hamas was elected and the entire world witnessed real democracy in action. What happened next? The entire world, including most Arab countries, refused to accept Hamas as the new official government and nearly all of them decided to cut relations and aid to the new Palestinian government. The tag was ready for all of them to push off to the ears of the world, "Hamas is a terrorist organization. Full Stop!"

Now, we are not arguing here if Hamas was a good choice or not for and from the Palestinians, but it was their choice in fair elections and it must be respected by anyone who believes in democracy. And, it’s no secret that real democratic elections will always bring surprises. Remember Dubya’s slogans about bringing democracy to the Middle East and new dawn in the Arab world? Well, this was not what they expected. Not what they paid for, and no one ever heard these slogans coming from them ever again in Palestine after Hamas won.

Back to Egypt, who can guarantee that the newly elected government and its president will not be the same as the previous regime? And if we are very optimistic and think that activists and Egyptians succeed in changing the existing regime and a truly elected system comes to their royal palaces, why should anyone believe that it would not face the same ending like the Hamas government did and Egyptians shortly end in a situation similar to that the Palestinians are suffering?

If this comes true, even worse things can happen. It will not only affect Egypt, but the Arab world in general and Palestinians in particular, especially the Palestinians of Gaza, because Israel will not stop to think for a second before they rush to occupy Gazan borders again (let's say they will intensify their occupation and bring back their soldiers to Gaza/Egypt borders). This time without the Palestinian and Egyptian proxies. In fact, I believe that in a situation like this, the Zionists will find it the moment of history when they can establish their dream of Greater Israel. They might not only occupy Sinai, but invade Egypt across the Red Sea until Israel reaches the Nile. What may happen next is another story.

So what we have today is extremely bad, but in a certain viewpoint of realpolitik and understanding exactly how Israel operates, it may be better than what could happen if the existing regime in Egypt or a newly elected one opens the borders with Gaza in the present conditions of Palestine, without any international guarantees that Palestine is going to be autonomous in controlling its own borders for the good of the people in Palestine and not to serve factions whose agendas are not acceptable to any patriot. Even Hamas understands this and they know that what they have for now is more than what they can dream of having in a day or two until Israel reacts. Hamas knows very well that Israel is closing the borders, not Egypt. All they say in press conferences is nothing more than slogans for local consumption to remain patriotic in the eyes of their supporters, but they are aware of the situation they find themselves in, and they too are blocked. Unless we really think that both sides, Egypt and Hamas, are ready to commit suicide by enrolling themselves in a third world war.

Only apologizing to Egypt in a public press conference can make one forgive these fatal mistakes which made Egypt sound as THE enemy deflecting our sight from the real enemy and the real reason behind all this atrocities that Gazans and Palestinians live in, ISRAEL.


Beware the enemy within

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian


nadia said...

Thanks Iran
Without your great aid, which made Jully 06 Victory and Israeli failure in Gaza possible.
Your offer is a smart move in the right time.

Keep kicking asses, exposing true colors

nadia said...

Now, on Aljazeeria, I am watching another asshole named iqab sakr from Lebanese Mustakbal talking about the Agenda of Turkey, criticising Hezbulla and Hamas for rasing Erdughan pictures and Turkish flag.

Anonymous said...

By Readings your page & your thoughts,I can say,why there is no unity among Muslims, Arabs and Persians.
You are not helping the Palestinian cause nor making yourself look better eidther with these reasoning.

uprooted Palestinian said...


What thiughts your are talking about??
I assume, the thoughts of neo-Hanthalla


Iran like anyother state has it's own agenda, and nothing wrong in that. The problem is whats our Agenda as Arabs?? What's the Agenda of the wheelchair Generals?

Hassan Masralla set the record straight when he confirmed that without the Syrian and Iranian support the Victories of 2000 and 2006 were not possible.

Iran has the right to express readiness to escourt aid conveys, and its up to aid converys to accept or reject the offer.

I wahched with disgust the neo "Arab natinalist" Iqab Saker on Aljezeerah.