Friday 19 November 2010

"Nothing short of FULL LIBERATION of Palestine is acceptable!"

In this essay I would reflect on why as an exiled Palestinian, I do not believe that putting an end to zionism is an ideal solution to the Palestinian problem. Supporting "equal rights", supporting “one person, one vote”, constitutes support for the occupiers' illegitimate privilege to impose their presence in a land they conquered by war and terrorism, looted and destroyed, holding on the estate of -survivors forced into exiled -“absentees”.

“Equal rights” and the deceptive expression “one person, one vote” would finalize the conquest of Palestine. This finalization of the theft of a foreign land, would be a grave violation of the fundamentals of ethics regulating human interaction.

Worse, it would be an irreversible step backwards into the dark ages, insofar that it would constitute the first jurisprudential invalidation of most fundamentals of International Law pertaining to sovereignty and wars of aggression and conquest. Centuries of modest, painstaking progress, would be thrown out the window. The Thirteen Century Magna Carta, the Seventeenth Century Westphalia treaty, the Twentieth Century Nuremberg Principles, are the cornerstones of International Law, prohibiting Wars of Aggression, and regulating occupation.

“Equal rights”, and “one person one vote” sends the clear message to bullies, “criminals, thieves, that they get away with MURDER…. Literally” !

It is a carte blanche for bullies and aggressors to do what they like, steal, kill, colonize, rape, oppress, torture...

And that is one of the reasons why any future decision on the status of ILLEGAL COLONIZERS in Palestine should be a PALESTINIAN DECISION; they, and ONLY they, can choose whether or not, to allow some of their tormentors to stay, or not, and in which legal parameter this can happen.

The term “negotiation table” has been abused to be merely the place where the Palestinians gradually and systematically loose everything there is to loose, and they just keep on participating and giving.

This moral and legal masquerade of “Equal Rights” and “One person, one vote” is not, and never will constitute a solid basis for a lasting peace. Peace existed before the arrival of the Jewish Zionist invasion, and will exist after they leave. Palestine's sovereignty is not on the negotiation table.

Rather naively, some believe that the only solution for the Palestinian tragedy would be to de-zionise "israel". I could not disagree more.

Abandoning Zionism could potentially become even more detrimental than militant Zionism, to Palestinians' inalienable Rights, and to the Holy Land of Palestine. It would just consolidate Zionist aims, just give it a softer name. The endorsement and support of the so called “anti-zionists” to the imposed presence of “Israelis”, literally gives the “coup de grace” to Palestine.

Our allies who support the permanent stay of Jewish zionist in the land of Palestine (providing they abandon Zionism), do not realize that by doing so they are finishing the job neatly for the zionists and putting the cherry on the zionist-project pie; by giving them the approval and moral justification to keep hold of land and property acquired by unethical and illegal means

The lawsuits on behalf of Jewish people who lost property in Europe during WW2 are ongoing, almost seventy years after, yet many of our supporters cringe at the fact that we are entitled to the same, because the reinstatement and total restoration of our rights would effectively mean a full restitution of land and property from the Jewish zionist colonizers back to the original and legitimate Palestinian owners.

For me as a Palestinian as it ought to be for anyone who cares for Justice and Peace, the idea that there would be a "right" for some people to keep land and property acquired by military conquest and ethnic cleansing of genocidal proportion, is not only a regressive monstrosity, but it is also in full contravention with a set of laws emerged precisely out of WW2, and in full contradiction with any sense of moral principles.

God is not a real estate agent, nor is God a warlord, hence the "right" of Jewish colonizer is simply non-existent, whether they brandish the racist "zionist" ideology, or the pseudo-religious "God-chosen" dogma, or whether "Post-zionists" collect the "benefits" of Ariel Sharon’s atrocities against the indigenous Palestinians and environmental destruction of Palestine, the Holy Land.

Anyone who does not virulently refute the base of such non existent "right" to keep stolen land and property, is facilitating and justifying future wars of aggression and conquest, followed by colonial settlements and genocide against peaceful indigenous population.

This is nothing less than celebrating barbarity, rewarding criminality and obliteration of the very essence of human morality which mankind had worked hard to foster its progress over millennial.

When those who incessantly declaim the words "Holocaust never again" justify such lopsided views which lay the ground for future wars and genocide, the contradiction and hypocrisy becomes staggering!

Are people really so naïve and oblivious, as to not realize that by supporting “Equal Rights, one person-one vote, and by supporting the consolidation of Israelis in Palestine, even under a post-Zionist attire, de-facto corresponds to... a full support -quasi unconditional support, of the Zionist enterprise, and its ideological core which deems colonising Palestine as a “Divine and historical right” for the Jewish people ?

What does the notion of Justice, social responsibility, fair dealing mean if we are to equate criminals with victims in terms of rights to ownership of stolen property?

To advocate in favour of supposed "equal rights" between a criminal and his victim, where the criminal escapes punishment for his crimes, and is rewarded with the keeping of the loot of his aggression including total participation in decision and law making in the land occupied, is an assassination of the concept of justice, on which peaceful Civilization is built and needs to prosper

Accepting the mere declaration of abandoning Zionism and the announcement of equal rights for both without holding those responsible into account, is an utter betrayal of Palestine and the Palestinians.

The aims and rights of Palestinians are not defined by some change of zionist regime, or some vacuous declaration of abandonment of zionism. Our aim is the strict, legally and morally necessary, FULL Liberation of Palestine, and the restoration of all our rights.

During almost a century since they began to invade Palestine, the Judeo-Zionists would have had enough time to begin to notice their own crimes, and begin to exhibit signs of remorse, of respect and willingness to behave like decent human beings. Had they embraced the hospitable people of Palestine, rather than methodically annihilating them, they might have had a chance to be accepted and forgiven. Not any more, they have lost that opportunity.

Furthermore, in the context of shifting balance of power, the rest of the world begins slowly to wake up to the truth, and the Muslim world will certainly not remain lethargic forever.

People of the world are opening their eyes to the alarming level of zionist infiltration in their own affairs; governments manipulations, media control, financial corruption It is not going to be a pleasant reckoning.

Even decades of deception do not prevent karma.

Unrelenting zionist blackmail of mass genocide and world annihilation, will not bring them much support, but rather bring the world to stand up like the brave Palestinians and STOP this madness once and for all. Indubitably, the world will regurgitate those who drive for its annihilation, Samson-ists and Armageddon-ists. The world will unite and rid itself of this Frankenstein.

In the end, zionists and their associates will not find many to shed tears for them, nor will they find many open doors to welcome them. The only open doors will be the EXIT doors of expulsion out of Palestine.

Time, perhaps another couple of thousand years, might help them to learn the lesson, bring them to their senses, back into humanity.

Then and only then, only when animated by peaceful intentions, can they try to knock at Palestine's doors again. Not now, and not for a long time.

In other word, with time it became evident that the only possible outcome is the unconditional, FULL LIBERATION of Palestine!

Nahida Izzat: "I am -Jerusalem born- Palestinian refugee living in exile for over 40 years. I was forced to leave my homeland, Palestine at the age of seven during the six-day war.

I am a mathematician by qualification but art is one of my favourite pastimes, I love hand-made things, so I make dolls, cards, and most of my own clothes.

I also write poetry, and participate in dialogues with known and unknown friends as I believe that communication is the first step of understanding, I believe in building bridges not walls.

My shy and extra sensitive nature hinders me from public speaking, so I try to compensate for my shortcomings by writing! I started writing about three years ago when my friends insisted

I should write about my memories, experiences, and my feelings as a Palestinian. So I self published two books (I Believe in Miracles and Palestine, The True Story) [Biographical information: Growing Gardens for Palestine]

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