Monday, 27 June 2011

Israel pressuring Greece to halt Gaza flotilla

[ 27/06/2011 - 05:14 PM ] 

BRUSSELS, (PIC)-- Freedom Flotilla II organizers have confirmed that the Gaza flotilla’s ships would set sail to deliver badly needed aid within the next few days despite pressure they say Israel has been exerting on Greece in order to halt the ships.
The European campaign to end the siege on Gaza, a founding member of the flotilla, said Monday that Greece has been under tremendous pressure as Israel has been exercising diplomatic efforts to thwart the flotilla. The statement said that Greece has already taken measures to complicate the mission. Two companies that insured the ships have pulled out of insurance deals due to Israeli pressure.
Sources from the ECESG were confident that organizers could get past the hurdles, which they said would only increase their will to fulfill the humanitarian task.
The flotilla, which will include some 10 ships, 6 of which are currently docked in Greece, is aimed at defying the Israeli naval blockade of the Gaza Strip and delivering needed aid. The majority of participants are human rights activists from the West. European politicians have also been scheduled to join.
Flotilla organizers have said the ships will depart in the next few days when the complications are resolved. They have refused to deliver the cargo to Israeli or Egyptian ports, as suggested by Israel, but they and insisted on landing in the Gaza Strip.
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