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Popular Rallies in Homs Stress Support to Comprehensive Reform Program

Jun 27, 2011

HOMS, (SANA) – Thousands from all spectrums of the Syrian people gathered in two mass rallies across the streets of Homs city and al-Makhram city, 45 km east of Homs in support of the comprehensive reform program led by President Bashar al-Assad.

The participants indicated to the importance of preserving the national unity, stressing their commitment to Syria's stances in the face of incitement campaigns targeting its unity and stability.

They reiterated rejection of biased conspiracies and all attempts to sow sedition between the Syrian people.
20110627-164120.jpgThe participants gathered in front of the building of Homs Trade Union and chanted national slogans, raised flags and banners which express the Syrian people support to the comprehensive reform program.

They expressed satisfaction over the reform steps taken which meet the Syrian citizens' aspirations and represent Syria's internal stability to improve the social and economic situation of the Syrian people.

In the same context, two tents were set up to be the gathering place for citizens; one outside the Sports Union branch in Homs and the second in Faek Mohammad School on Homs-Damascus Road. The participants stressed importance of national unity in defense of coexistence in Syria and in support of the comprehensive reform program.

They chanted national slogans and raised the Syrian flag, underlining the importance of confronting the foreign conspiracy against Syria in all its forms.

In Qahtanieh, Hasakeh, a popular mass rally was organized in support of the reform process. The participants expressed rejection of the conspiracy against Syria, affirming their standing against those who seek to undermine the unity, security and stability of the homeland.
They reiterated support to the comprehensive reform program led by President Bashar al-Assad, hailing the awareness of the Syrian people and their unbreakable will in the face of all that is being hatched against Syria.

Thousands of women and children wrote phrases on a 400-meter fabric portrait during a popular rally organized in the liberated city of Quneitra. The phrases expressed trust in the inevitability of restoring the occupied Golan to Syria as they called for enhancing national cohesion and discarding sedition.

The activities were organized on the occasion of the 37th anniversary of hoisting the national flag in Quneitra.

Governor of Quneitra Khalil Mashhadieh said these activities stress the unity of the Syrian people in the face of foreign conspiracies intended to deal a blow to its honorable stances.
R. Raslan/ H. Sabbagh/M. Ismael

Hundreds March to Al-Hijaz Square to Show Support for Reform Project Led by President al-Assad
Jun 27, 2011

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – Hundreds of Syrians marched towards al-Hijaz Square in Damascus on Sunday evening to show support for the reform project led by President Bashar al-Assad and to emphasis national unity.

Participants rejected the conspiracy against Syria, voicing their support of the army and security forces in their efforts to preserve security and protect public and private property.


The participants said that the march was a spontaneous action to show solidarity in the face of the external conspiracy targeting Syria's national stances, in addition to showing their support for the ongoing reform process.
They pointed out that the Syrian people realized the scale of the conspiracy against them which made them more committed to national standards, stressing the role of religious figures in confronting sedition and the conspiracy against Syria.

The participants also demanded that the conspirators against Syria cease their actions and instigation, saying that the Syrian people know what they want and how to decide their future according to their ambition, adding that the biased channels are instigating and promoting violence.

Rally at National Museum Square in Tartous to Support National Unity

Hundreds of women and children from Tartous governorate gathered at the National Museum Square to express their support for national unity, security, stability and the comprehensive reform program led by President al-Assad.
The crowd rejected foreign interference in Syria's internal affairs, carrying banners in English expressing this sentiment in addition to banners thanking the Russian stance, banners saluting the sacrifices of the Syrian army and armed forces, and banners calling for strengthening national unity.

The rally began with the recital of the Syrian national anthem, followed by a moment of silence for the army and civilian martyrs, in addition to lighting candles and signing a petition supporting reform and denouncing the malicious media campaign waged by some satellite channels.
Participants issued a statement in English denouncing foreign interference in Syrian internal affairs, demanding the cessation of media instigation and attempts at sowing discord among Syria, and calling on those who claim to support democracy and human rights to expose the crimes of Israeli occupation.


The statement called for respecting the will of the Syrian people, thanking the countries that stood against foreign interference in Syria's affairs, particularly Russia and China, concluding by saluting the martyrs who gave their lives to protect Syria and its national unity.

Popular Activities in Hasaka Organize Rally to Support Reform

Popular activities organized a rally in al-Ziba village in Hasaka governorate in support of the reform steps in to express the governorate's rejection of the conspiracy against Syria's security and stability.


Delegations representing various social and religious groups affirmed commitment to national standards and readiness to participate in national dialogue to emerge from the crisis concocted by external sources using media misdirection and instigation.
Participants affirmed that national unity is the source of Syria's strength and immunity, and that this unity will foil all plots against Syria.

Thousands Gather in Deir Ezzor to Express Loyalty to Syria

Thousands gathered in the city of Deir Ezzor to express loyalty for Syria and their support for the reform steps led by President al-Assad, voicing rejection for all forms of sedition and conspiracies against Syria's national unity and stances.

Popular, social, economic and student activities participated in the event.
Participants stressed that Syria is constantly proving to be stronger than the conspiracies targeting it, and that the current conspiracy against it will not fare any better.
H. Sabbagh

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