Thursday, 30 June 2011

Gilad Atzmon: Self Reflection in Mondoweiss

I would like to draw your attention to an interesting thread on Mondoweiss, discussing my interview with Philip Weiss.

To read the Mondoweiss thread, click here.
It doesn’t take a genius to work out that Philip Weiss didn’t feel very comfortable with the publication of my interview with him -- In fact no one, including myself, felt comfortable with it , and some editors told me they were more than a little surprised that Weiss had agreed to my publishing it. But the truth of the matter is that Weiss gave me a green light after reading it all, and I salute him for his courage.

In the interview Weiss admitted that Jews -- like himself – are, in his words, “concerned with a Jewish self-interest.” He was even honest enough to confess that, for him, a theory of political life based on “altruism or concern for victims purely is doomed to fail.”

I would guess that such a view is not shared by most gentile Palestinian Solidarity activists, who are actually primarily and altruistically concerned about the victims of Israeli barbarism.

In the interview Weiss also contends that “Jews is: a sense of difference…of elite identity”, and he sees “Jewish” as this “great civilization that he is part of”.

I guess that Weiss could see for himself that these views may shed him in a dubious light, but he did not regret, or wish to amend his views.

However, one should point out to Weiss thatJewish’ does not fit into the traditional notion of ‘Civilization’, and the concept of civil is totally foreign to Judaism, for Judaism completely rejects civil law. In fact, Zionism, which Weiss opposes, was a radical attempt to civilize Judaism via a concept of statehood and an introduction of civil law. As we know, even on that front Zionism totally failed, for Zionism could not transcend itself beyond Judaic exclusivism.

In the Mondoweiss thread you can read some very interesting insights about those issues, and, in spite of the all too familiar relentless attempts by Hasbara activists to derail the discussion, we still managed to engage in a fruitful exchange.

I am pretty convinced that Weiss came under a lot of pressure from his fellow Jewish (so called) ‘progressive’ activists to delete me, or to remove my posts, but so far, he has not surrendered, and again, I salute him for that.

Unfortunately, Nahida AKA the Exiled Palestinian was not as lucky as myself: yesterday I learned from her that soon after she joined in the online discussion, she was blocked by the site's moderator.

I find it saddening that a site that claims to be dedicated to the “War of Ideas in the Middle East” blocks a prominent Palestinian voice.

I hope that this is a mistake and this issue will be resolved soon.
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian


nahida -Exiled Palestinian said...

It appears that as far as Mr. Philip Weiss's concerned, I am not a member of his "elite tribe", and my voice does not particularly serve his "Jewish self-interest", therefore, censoring my comments and muffling my voice is not much of a worry to him.

Heck, I am only a Palestinian, you know, one of those who "don't exist" and whose homeland "never existed"

How ironic to read this call for "give us your money" kind of thing on Philip's website: "Help Mondoweiss Break the Media Blockade" while at the same time he actively participates in blocking an authentic Palestinian voice.
He IS part of the media blockade, and his slogan aught to be "Help Mondoweiss Inforce the Media Blockade"

This is the email was sent to Philip after he censored my comments, he did NOT have the politeness to even acknowledge the email with a response:


Dear Philip

I would like to ask a direct question: are you censoring a Palestinian voice? or is it just a routine slow moderating methods?

I have posted these comments on your website, but apparently, whomever is moderating the site chose to mute a Palestinian voice.

I find this rather shocking, specially when your site presents itself as a "progressive", which deals with the "war of ideas in the ME".

to be frank and honest, I am sick and tired of people who pretend to be supporters, pretending to speak for the sake of, and on behalf of Palestinians, yet at the same time muting our faint voices even in the comment section!


nahida -Exiled Palestinian said...

These are the comments that are CENSORED at Mondoweiss:



The article that has prompted this interview with Philip was Jewish Voice for Peace? Really??

and for more info about the ideology that I talked about earlier:

The worm is in the can

Supremacist and Racist Chabad Chabad around the world


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and also:

"This presentation uncovers the side of Jewish-zionist-Israeli face that is kept carefully hidden from the general public. I present it here in all its ugliness, for the sake of truth and truth-seekers.

Disclaimer: Quoting people and books is NOT antisemitism

A “Benign” culture with “Benign individuals”!


exilem said...

As far as i know, Gilad Atzmon is the only person of Jewish parents, who has the intellectual capacity and moral integrity to observe without prejudice and to be vocal without fear the Jewish downfall. If i had just one advise to people who identify themselves as Jews, it would be to read and to listen to Gilad Atzmon, because he is the voice of your conscience, he is the voice of your liberation from the Talmudic demons who have hijacked your humanity whether you are religious or atheist, who have blinded you with hatred leading you to aggression, with self-adoration leading you to sociopathic delusions. These self-serving demons that have invaded Jewishness, are the facilitators of the malevolence that caracterizes Judeo-centric networks. The velocity by which this malevolence causes Jews to become (again?) the pariah of mankind, is staggering. Think about it, reflect by reading Gilad Atzmon. May be, just may be, you will see the light behind your mirror.