Friday, 1 July 2011

Indictment Handed Over, Hariri Regards It as Historic Moment, Hassan Nasrallah to Declare Hizbullah Stance on Indictment

Indictment Handed Over, Hariri Regards It as Historic Moment

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Lebanon General Prosecutor Judge Said Mirza received Thursday 11:00 a.m. STL delegation. Media information revealed that the delegation handed over a copy of the indictment on the assassination of former PM Rafiq Hariri to Mirza.
France Press quoted March 14 General Coordinator Fares Soueid saying that “the information we received indicate that a delegation from the international tribunal has handed over the indictment of Hariri’s assassination to General Prosecutor Said Mirza.”
Al-Manar reporter informed that the indictment is consisted of 136 pages and four arrest warrants against Lebanese.
In no time, and before Mirza-tribunal delegation’s meeting was over, March 14 media started leaking the indictment’s content, including names of the accused.
In parallel, Future Party member Mustapha Alloush stated Thursday morning, prior the delegation’s visit to Mirza, that “all the information indicate that the indictment release is very close… either today or tomorrow.”
Al-Manar reporter said that the investigators entered the Justice Palace secretly and from the backdoor, and reporters were banned from entering the palace.
Media reports further revealed that the investigators who handed over the indictment were residing in Monteverde Hotel, and weren’t actually outside Lebanon. They pointed out that Pre-trial Judge Daniel Francin had certified the indictment.
In response, former PM Saad Hariri, who has been in France for over two months, considered that announcing the indictment is a historic moment for Lebanon’s political, judicial, security, and moral life.

In a statement he issued, the former PM, stated that “this progress in the path of justice and the international tribunal is for all the Lebanese without an exception… it should, God willing, be a turning point in fighting the political crime in Lebanon and the Arab nation. We also want this to be a pivot for Lebanese unity in confronting division factors and attempts to overstep the basics of national accord.”
Saad Hariri, son of Rafiq Hariri, said that “this is a moment of greeting to the families of all our martyrs, to every father, mother, brother and sister who chose to take the path of justice and truth rather than revenge.”
Hariri further expressed faith and appreciation to the Arabs and international friends who assisted in “attaining justice and protection to Lebanon from the series of terrorist crimes.”
He expressed gratitude for all those who contributed to the investigations, specifying the judicial and security apparatus in Lebanon as well as the international investigators.
Hariri called on the Lebanese government to commit to its duties, fully cooperate with the international tribunal, and trace the accused.

He also stressed that the Lebanese government is nationally, legally, and morally requested to execute Lebanon’s commitments to the STL, and said that none should evade responsibility.
On the other hand, Saad Hariri emphasized that “intimidation and terrorization will fail to break this will. Lebanon paid the price for this moment. Decades of killings and assassinations without questioning or holding accountability. It is time to put an end to this disgraceful series…”
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