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"Arab spring" is a great asset for Palestinian cause - commented

The pot leaks nothing
but its content
الاناء ينضح بما فيه
This piece of sh*t is written by Mr. amayereh before he started his U-TURN, Shocked and owed by the people reaction against his brothers messages and dialogue with the USA and lately with Zionist media, he warned: "Don't allow yourselves to fall into the trap"

However, when you read this piece of ass, remember the following:
  • "looming demise of some other regimes in the region" = Syria
  • "hypocrites and hangers-on (orphans of tyranny)", "inciters having the mentality of a thug, morality of a thief and psychology of a pathological liar.", "darlings of the West ", "depressed liars"   = Those who refuse to sell out the freedom and independace of their country for their personal freedom.
  • "regimes exploited the legitimate Palestinian cause in order to repress and torment their own people and stay in power", and "some Arab land" = Syria, and only Syria, not Mubarak's regime
  • "innocent Arabs and Muslims were brutally killed and tortured in the name of fighting Israel and Zionism." = Syrian Muslim Brothers
  • "enocidal atrocities that we see on our TV screens" = The Hasbara you see on Arab and international media controlled by "Nazi like" zionism
  • "Arab revolutionaries" = Islamists
  • "Arab Spring is going the wrong way." = The right way is to accept Camp David in order not to rock the islamists boat and then direct talks "Abbas way" to ammend the peace treaty to ensure "human occupation"
  • "vast majority of Arabs are Muslim" =  "vast majority of Arabs are islamist?"

Arab spring is a great asset for Palestinian cause

[ 21/12/2011 - 11:19 PM ]

By Khalid Amayreh in occupied Palestine

Some of the pseudo intellectuals in the Arab world are lamenting the demise of "progressive regimes" in Libya, Tunisia and Egypt as well as the looming demise of some other regimes in the region. 

These erstwhile hypocrites and hangers-on, who had benefited immensely, financially and otherwise, from their close association with some of the defunct regimes, are now bewailing the allegedly negative impact of Arab revolutions on the overall Palestinian cause.

These orphans of tyranny and despotism falsely think that Arab tyrants, the ones who have been consigned to the dustbin of history and the others awaiting their turn, preserved the Palestinian cause from possible demise and prevented Israel from achieving its expansionistic goals.

The truth of the matter, however, is that all these regimes exploited the legitimate Palestinian cause in order to repress and torment their own people and stay in power as long as possible, all under the false rubric of challenging Zionism and Western imperialism.

Thus, thousands, probably tens of thousands of innocent Arabs and Muslims were brutally killed and tortured in the name of fighting Israel and Zionism. Hundreds of thousands were imprisoned and persecuted for demanding freedom, dignity and human rights.

The great Arab poet, al-Mutanabbi, probably had these sycophants in mind when he said: "The tears of the eye betray their man if they happen to harrowing after the traitors"

Well, since when would the merciless murder of our fellow Arab citizens lead to the liberation of Palestine. (SINCE WHEN COMMING TO USA AND ZIONIST TERMS LEAD TO LIBERATION OF PALESTINE)
Indeed, if Palestine were to be liberated by way of slaughtering our fellow Arab brothers at the hands of tyrannical Arab regimes and their murderous, sadistic and cannibalistic armies, then we would rather see our usurped homeland remain un-liberated. (Indeed, if palestine were to be sold out by our fellow "democratic" Islamists, then we wouls rather prefer "Dictatorship")

The liberation of Palestine, an honorable goal of paramount importance, must never be used and manipulated by tyrannical and murderous leaders to justify the genocidal atrocities that we see on our TV screens around the clock. Unfortunately, this is exactly what is happening.
(Islam must never be used and manipulated by fanatic Muslims to justify justify the genocidal atrocities that we don't see on your TV screens around the clock such as this one)

That is why we Palestinians must remind our Arab brothers (Syrian people), especially those who justify their murderous repression of their own people by invoking the Palestinian mantra, please don't use the pure and just Palestinian cause to justify your ignominious treatment of your people.

Because the Palestinian people and their just cause are absolutely innocent of the Arab blood that is being spilled in some Arab land. 

Having said that it is imperative that we refuse to listen these paid liars and provocateurs who are trying to instigate against Arab revolutionaries.

Some of these pundits are citing the successes of Islamic movements in recent Arab elections as evidence that the Arab Spring is going the wrong way.

What Islamists do when ballotboxes don't work
Well, have these pseudo writers and journalists forgotten that the vast majority of Arabs are Muslim? And what are Muslims supposed to do when they go to the ballot boxes? Give their votes to the idols of corruption, political paganism and traitors who have brought one disaster after the other on Arabs in the name of Arab nationalism and socialism and what have you? (TO MY BEST KNOWLEDG NEITHER MUBARAK,NOR BIN ALI WERE NATIONALIST AND SOCIALIST- let us wait to see where comming Syrian vote goes - two thirds of Syrian are Muslim Sunnis not Islamist)

Unfortunately, these inciters have the mentality of a thug, morality of a thief and psychology of a pathological liar. When they argue for democracy, one might think they are the best democrats under the sun. However, when elections are conducted fairly and transparently and Islamic-oriented candidates win most votes as happened recently in Egypt and Tunisia, these darlings of the West go into deep lethargy, lamenting the loss of democracy, human rights and civil liberties.

depressed liars
In truth, these depressed liars represent a small minority in the Arab-Muslim Middle East. And because their real size in the street is determined and exposed in full view of the entire world, they give in to their morbid defensive reflexes and start raising doubts and unjustified questions about the choice of the people which reflects the will of the people.

We must recognize that the Palestinian cause faced its first disaster the day the Arab people lost their collective will to the Arab tyrant (NASER), be he a dynastic despot or a pseudo revolutionary thug.

Likewise, we must recognize that the restoration by the masses of their previously arrogated will will empower and strengthen the masses sooner or later.

Needless to say, crushed, humiliated and starved people wouldn't and couldn't liberate Palestine .

That is why Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims as well as all free men and women around the world ought to be hopeful that the new situation in the Arab world will militate against Israel and make Israel's Nazi-like occupation and apartheid untenable. (PLEASE DON'T ROCK OUR BOAT)

Yes, no one is claiming that Palestine will be liberated tomorrow from Israeli Nazism, or Jewish Nazism, thanks to the Arab Spring. (THANKS TO ISLAMISTS)  

However, there is no doubt whatsoever that the liberation of the collective Arab (FROM NATIONALISM AND SOCILISM) will from the diabolical stranglehold of tyranny and dictatorship will put the Palestinian cause on the right track, a track that will take us to freedom, justice and peace. (to negociation table, where we shall force Israel to treat palestinians as humans)


The pot leaks nothing but its content
الاناء ينضح بما فيه

Meanwhile, Israel live in fear of Pro Assad Hizbollah and "SILENT!!" Hamas (Based in Damuscus) targeting military bases and air reserve collection centres in next war.
Meanwhile, Haneya shortened his tour to include Sudan and Tunis only.
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

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