Thursday, 16 August 2012

Netanyahu: Iran's Nukes 'Dwarf' Other Threats

Israel as always thinks by continually repeating lies they will somehow become reality, good enough for gullible Americans I expect.

Netanyahu says Iran's Nukes 'Dwarf' Other Threats, overlooking the obvious fact that Iran doesn't have nukes, doesn't even want nukes and hasn't attacked another country for 218 years. Israel on the other hand does and regularly attacks other countries on false pretenses, claiming it's self defence.

One thing for sure, Israel won't attack Iran unilaterally and risk dead "Chosen Ones", Israel only attacks when success is ensured as they have since 1948, but they might succeed in ordering the USA to do it

Syria descending into civil war, the Arab Spring, instability in Egypt—the Middle East is full of uncertainties that threaten Israel, but all of them are "dwarfed" by Iran's nuclear threat, said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last night, reports Reuters. Netanyahu's comments were broadcast live by Israel's media, and published in both right- and left-wing newspapers, as debate grows in Israel over whether the country needs to go to war with Iran. "I say again that Iran must not be permitted to obtain nuclear weapons," Netanyahu said.
. Washington officials would not comment on whether such a report even exists, but they maintain that Iran is undecided about its nuclear weapons program and remains years away from having nuclear capability. Some analysts think Netanyahu's talk is posturing designed to keep the pressure on for sanctions against Iran, while others see it largely as a domestic political strategy

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