Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Zionists in Disguise

Over my years of activism on Palestine, I've heard many protestations about how 'anti-zionist' various individuals who are members of zionists fronts 'really are.'

The zionists in the US include in their leadership many 'red diaper babies'--children and grandchildren of Jewish people active in the Stalinist movement--globally or in the US--people who for decades justified Stalin's crimes and purges with pseudo-Marxist rhetoric.

These people were for the most part NOT zionists, as their children and grandchildren ARE, for the most part, due to the creation of Israel in the interim.

Thus, we have a lot of 'leaders' of formations like MECA, ANSWER, JVP, IJAN, etc. etc. who try to cover their zionist tracks with 'left' rhetoric.

Recently I had a conversation wiht a USQ member who explained to me that a leader of a JVP chapter, an unnamed person, was totally in support of the right of return, was in no way a zionist, and so forth. JVP of course is an openly admitted zionist organization, for Jews only.

This is somewhat difficult to understand since the JVP makes NO attempt, as IJAN for example does, to DISGUISE the fact that it is a zionist organization. Their charter states quite clearly they are a zionist organization, albeit critical of certain aspects of the settlement policies, echoing the 'official' position of the US government.

The liberal zionist activists ALWAYS talk with forked tongues. For example, when talking to Palestinian, they will say they support the right of return, BUT..and there is always a but...they won't question Israel as a Jewish state..

This line is of course a contradiction, since the occupation is REQUIRED in order to preserve Israel as a Jewish state!

We all know how this contradiction is always resolved in practice..

The liberal zionist activists know they have to present a 'progressive' face to Palestinians in order to continue to monitor and interfere in every initiative that might threaten their beloved Jewish supremacist state, of course.

Isn't it clear that the organizations above exist PRIMARILY to serve two purposes: first, to collect as much information as possible about any initiatives touching on Palestine; and second, to use their media presence, which is dominant among 'pro-Palestiian' media in most of the English-speaking 'progressive' milieu, to isolate and discredit people who don't have a 'liberal' zionist agenda?

For example, Noam Chomsky and Gilad Atzmon, most recently. who have been targeted by 'disavowal' campaigns spread by these organizations?

And that the occasional verbal affirmations of opposition to zionism are often designed simply to give them legitimacy? So that they can secure permission to set up literature tables at every conference or event, where they can effectively continue their monitoring and plan these 'disavowal' campaigns?
Mark Richie, USQuagmire@yahoogroups.com


uprooted Palestinian said...

Brother Michael is an old on-line friend since several years, though he was among the first contributors on this blog, he was not active for long time,

The above post, is written by a friend of Michael who I don't know.

Michael deleted a comment written by Jeff Blank fort, and kept replies addressed to Jeff, which i believe is not fair.

I removed all comment under this thread, and posted Jeff's comment under here

Jeff Blankfort Speaking of Zionists in Disguise

Comments are welcome as long as the code of conduct is respected.

Michael said...

Last comment I have on this subject. Richie's comments in "Zionists in Disguise" are valid while Blankfort's comments are merely a personal attack on Richie.
That's where "Unfair" comes into it

uprooted Palestinian said...

Richie's comments in "Zionists in Disguise" are not deleted, he is welcome to respond to Jeff's comment.

According to friend:

"Both very dedicated activists .. Both fighters.. May even fight each other" my friend claimed.

Deadbeat said...

Noam Chomsky is a Zionist Supremacist and Chomsky followers like Richie attempt disguise it. Chomsky should not even be in the same sentence as Gilad Atzmon.

Michael said...

The illegal invasion of Iraq was for 2 reasons, control of their Oil/Gas resources, to stop and discourage the use of another currency other than US$ for oil trades. The fact is was the aim of zionism or benefited Israel was secondary.
The USA also has made an enemy of Venezuela for exactly the same reasons, are you claiming that's also for Zionism & Israel?
U.S. Zionism and the Left
The focus by the “Left” on “imperialism” has been a way for it to ignore pressing domestic issues most especially rising Zionism in the United States. Apparently this form of racism is not too pressing for the Left as it tries to explain all the evils in the world for the U.S. desire to “control” oil and other resources. However, this explanation doesn’t wash when explaining the war on Iraq.

treschicas said...

Dead beat mysteriously shows up whenever someone criticizes the liberal zionists.

Attacks on Chomsky have been coordinated by MECA-ANSWER_IJAN etc. crowd, of which Prince is a member, for the past several years.

treschicas said...

Thanks for posting this Uprooted..IF you'd like to join USQuagmire please let me know!