Saturday, 29 September 2012

What Really Matters!

When all gets dark
And life loses its colours
When evil tightens the grip
And the wicked leads the way
When fall falls before its time
and frost grows around
When your heart is torn and worn,
and you feel like throwing it away
Don't give up, just wait a little while,
Turn your back
Close your eyes and
Remember what you have forgotten
Try to find if you've lost, 
Apologize if you've hurt,
Forgive if you have been hurt,
Caress if you've been deprived,
Pursue, if you have dream
Share if you've been bereft,
Giggle if you've been aggrieved,
Embrace if you've been shun,
Give if you've been denied,
Excel if you've been scorned,
Feed if you've tasted hunger

Rejoice if you've felt somber
Accompany those who know

Hold on tight to those you love,

Cherish those who care for you,
Because life is too short
and it is full of wonder

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