Friday, 5 September 2014

Cameron seems to be considering breaking International law, not once but twice.

First he is considering arming the Kurds in Iraq without the permission from the Iraqi Government. Perhaps he thinks there really is a Kurdistan.
ISIS, ISIL or IS is armed, funded and trained by the USA. Their objective in Iraq is to totally destabalise the nation and weakening it by splitting it into three, part Kurd, part Iraqi and the remainder an Islamic Caliphate.
Secondly he’s openly suggesting that the UK should bomb parts of Syria without the permission of the Syrian Government , not any different in the slightest with Blair’s illegal invasion of Iraq. Cameron declares the Assad Government to be illegitimate.
That being the case in his mind, means that not a country in the world is safe from invasion or attack, Cameron can simply declare the Government to be illegitimate.   
Britain actively considering arming Kurds: Cameron
Newport (United Kingdom) (AFP) – Britain is considering providing arms directly to Kurdish forces fighting Islamic State in northern Iraq, Prime Minister David Cameron said on Thursday after jihadists threatened to kill a British hostage.
“Britain has been helping get arms to the Kurds and we are prepared to do more. We are considering actively whether to give them arms ourselves and whether we can do more directly to train Kurdish militia,” the prime minister told ITV television.
The Royal Air Force (RAF) has been transporting ammunition supplied by allies and British non-lethal equipment to the regional government in Irbil, including 10 tonnes of British body armour overnight Wednesday.
But London is moving closer to directly arming the Kurds and providing them with training following the increased threat posed by IS militants who have seized territory across Iraq and Syria.
UK could launch strikes against Isis in Syria without Assad’s support, says PM
David Cameron ramps up case for UK action as he suggests support of Syria’s president is not needed under international law
David Cameron has for the first time opened a legal path to strike Islamic State (Isis)inside Syria by saying Bashar al-Assad‘s government is illegitimate.
He suggested the west would not need an invitation from Assad under international law to strike at Isis within Syrian borders.
Speaking at the start of the Nato summit in Wales, Cameron ramped up the case for UK involvement in air strikes in Iraq, saying that Isis represented a direct threat to the UK – and that decisions on strikes would be taken if they were in the national interest.

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