BEIRUT LEBANON (8:55 P.M.) – The Alikhbaria Syria news channel has released an exclusive video report (below) showing what appears the be the largest rebel tunnel ever discovered in the Syrian War.
The tunnel, located in Damascus’ East Ghouta region, is twenty kilometers long. It connected rebel positions and underground bases throughout the once militant-controlled districts of Jobar, Ayn Tarma and Arbeen.
As the video shows, the tunnel is wide enough to allow the Syrian war reporters drive through it in their van.
One of the people present with the Alikhbaria Syria news team (front passenger seat) was captured by insurgents earlier in the war, only recently being released following the capitulation of rebel forces in East Ghouta. He claims that militants used civilian and Syrian Army hostages to dig the tunnel.
The tunnel allowed rebels to relocate forces throughout vast areas of East Ghouta without being detected and attacked by Syrian and Russian warplanes.