Tuesday, 8 May 2018

American Genocide, A killer posing as a liberator

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If you want to know who the U.S. government and its military really are, look to Yemen. From the intentional Saudi bombing of innocent civilians at a wedding, to the mass starvation where children are chronically malnourished, to civilians who are the victims of a massive cholera outbreak because the Saudi’s blockaded ships with medicine and food from entering Yemen. This is also supported by the U.S.
The Saudi’s put no limits on the slaughter and starvation of Yemeni citizens. This is all done with the blessing of the U.S. The U.S. is a barbaric, brutal, killing machine either directly or through a proxy.
With the U.S. and Saudi lies, are we to conclude that the violent horror the Yemeni people live under is deserved?
“A shining city on the hill”, is the ridiculous claim to America being exceptional. In fact they are less than average intellectually and their government and military are predators and thugs who impose their sociopathic violence on targeted countries, the more vulnerable the better.
As the U.S. contributes to another sovereign nation’s destruction, watch the suffering of the citizens of that country. It’s suffering on a scale of such magnitude that it effects every part of their lives. From the killing of their family and friends, including their children, to the destruction of their homes and their countries’ infrastructure. From the watching of their family and friends starve – some even to death – and particularly watching their children become profoundly ill and dying from starvation. They either witness their families, friends and children as victims of military violence or victims of disease, starvation and horrific abuse including rape.
What does it take for the U.S./Saudi’s to destroy the Yemeni people on such a scale as to be considered genocide? How do you describe a person or group of people who intentionally destroy human beings who have done absolutely nothing to harm or even threaten them? Psychologically they are known as sociopaths, politically they are violent thugs, philosophically, the destruction of reason and the use of force is their modus operandi. Emotionally when they observe the suffering they have caused to other human beings they are either completely indifferent or feel excited by the thrill of the kill.
There is no way that the U.S. is responsible for the death of millions of innocent people without at times feeling excited by the killing of others. So, sociopathic, violent thugs, whose indifference or thrill at killing people they do not even know describes, in part anyway, who the U.S. government and military really is.
Think of them in the same way as you would your neighbour who has lived beside you for years, someone you have always thought of as compassionate, caring and brave but who is now being taken away by the police, guilty of being the serial killer they have been looking for for years.
It is safe to say that the U.S. government and military are NOT comprised of white knights and brave warriors who bring democracy and freedom to those in countries in most need, a need determined by the U.S.
It only took Iraqi citizens 2 months to realize that “operation Iraqi freedom” created by the U.S. was not there to liberate the Iraqi people, but instead to occupy Iraq.
A killer posing as a liberator. Quite the disguise!

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