Sunday, 6 May 2018

Confirmation that US-UK special ops are illegally in Syria and aiding terrorists

Vince Dhimos
Yesterday, we posted here an almost complete transcript of Yevgeny Satanovsky’s report on the literally hot war between US-British special ops or instructors and Russian military advisers in Eastern Ghouta, near Damascus. The wide variety of terrorist groups in this area has been a thorn in the side for the Russians and Syrians for 6 years. Somehow, no matter how hard the Syrian army fights them, they would pop up again somewhere, like a game of Whack-a-mole, and each time they appeared, they had got shiny new weapons obtained from foreign sponsors. Based on Chinese intel, Satanovsky said the terrorists were infiltrated by spies and enjoyed the support of foreign advisers.
BTW, the translation team ALEFF uses a different transliteration system than most Western reporters on things Russian, so their spelling is: Evgeniy Satanovskiy. No big deal but some will wonder.
Some will also wonder whether we can trust Satanovsky’s account of the US-Russia war in E. Ghouta. After all, he did say the whole report came from Chinese intel specialists.
NSS staff did a Chinese language search and found that there were Chinese reports that confirmed the fact that foreign advisers had indeed surrendered to the Syrian army.
Example translated from the Chinese-language site
“There may be multinational military advisory groups and intelligence teams trapped in the East Ghouta area. Lebanon Media reported that according to the confessions of the Rahman armed forces surrendering to the government forces, they were all commanded by foreigners and they had always denied that they had negotiated and surrendered to the Syrian Army…”
And this translation from another issue:
“It is understood that just a few days ago, in the eastern city of E. Ghouta, not far from the town of Duma, the Syrian government captured many British military advisers and intelligence personnel.”
Satanovsky mentioned that some of the British advisers caught in the encirclement with the terrorists managed to escape, wearing women’s garments in some cases, and wound up going to Idlib. He was no doubt referring to the fact that captured or surrendering terrorists were bussed to Idlib by the Syrian government. Idlib was considered a de-escalation zone and these terrorists agreed to return to civilian life once they had jumped through certain hoops and agreed to give up terrorism. It would be interesting to see how these advisers ever managed to return home or to their units.
As for the timing of the 3 month clean-up operation mentioned by Satanovsky (during which British and US spec ops personnel were captured or killed), it did indeed coincide with the hysterical reactions of Britain and the US to the likely false flag Skripal poisoning case and the subsequent staged “chemical attack” used as a pretext for the Tomahawk attack on Syria. This lends credence to his story.

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