Monday, 26 July 2010

How to Create Supremacists? and How to Manufacture Consent to Genocide?

By Nahida the exiled Palestinian

Proud Terrorist Hunter Infant Bodysuit

Did you everwonder how manipulation and brainwashing works?

Did you ever wonder how could people take part (even by their silence) in acts of genocide?

This is a collection of items below will give you an idea.

These items are for sale, on a UK website, CafePress

The items include -in their own words- " Baby Bodysuits Anti Islam Baby Bodysuits "
and "Anti Islam designs available on 1,760 products"

"Jew designs available on 4,420 products"

Browsing through the collection, I guess you would know which items come from the "anti- Islam" section and which come from "Jewish" collection

Just to get an idea how "wonderful" freedom of speech might be, please replace:

Muhammed" with "Rabbi"

with Judaism

with Jew

with Talmud
with Muslim

Then read what you see out loud, then tell me how it feels!

Mohammed Sucks Dark T-Shirt End Islam Jr Ringer T-Shirt Mohammed Cartoon Black T-Shirt The heat makes them nuts! White T-Shirt Wanted...72 Virgins White T-Shirt Give Peace a Chance Infant/Toddler T-Shirt Dark T-Shirt

Can you imagine what kind of disturbed human being one would become if they start by teaching him/ her to grow up with this racist attitude?
By this abuse of virtuousness, violation of baby purity, by exploitation of child tenderness, what kind of arrogance and vile supremacy would they foster in an innocent soul entrusted with them?Envy Me I'm Jewish Infant Bodysuit Chosen One Jewish Infant Bodysuit Jews Are Chai Achievers Infant BodysuitCOOL JEW Infant BodysuitProud Jew Infant Bodysuit SUPER JEW T-SHIRT super jew, Infant Bodysuit Envy Me I'm Jewish Infant BodysuitChosen One Infant Bodysuit

After that, is hard to imagine then how racist supremacists beings are created?

and how consent to genocide is manufactured?
Nahida the exiled Palestinian
In case you missed it:


Jill said...

Absolutely brill
iant, great humour, but totally sick! It says it all and that is revolting.

George Polley said...

"After that, is hard to imagine then how racist supremacists beings are created? and how consent to genocide is manufactured?"

Not at all Nahida,not at all. Chilling.

George Polley
Sapporo, Japan

TruthSeeker said...

All these t-shirt mean: 1. Filth yields nothing but filth, 2. Arrogance is bringing them closer to their doom-day, 3. Deep inside them, they are scared, 4. They are dumb because they are numb, 5. What do you expect from a Talmud follower?, 6. God delays, but never forget, and 7. They are living their moment dancing around their golden calf like little deils, nonetheless it is just a moment and they do not realize that they are perishable; the sleepy will awaken - such is the life - and will grasp them by the nick.

Patience is a virtue they lack. As it is said: If you stand by the river, you will see your enemy's corpus floating by. And theirs will pretty soon.

All these T-shirt - in fact - are excellent propaganda against them. It will definitely backfire, and when they get burnt, they won't have the time to even say AWTCH.

The truth shall be known and what will float on the surface will be nothing but the scum.

Anonymous said...

In the US it was fashionable after 9/11 to have a "Terrorist Hunting Permit" sticker on one's Ford/Chevy pick-up truck--or other mode of burly transportation.
I have yet to have the opportunity to ask one of these knee-jerk, gung-ho noodle-heads "How many have you caught?"

It's a good question, seeing as these vehicles run up and down US roads, in US states, and US towns and cities, where there is nary a "terrorist" to be found.