Thursday, 16 September 2010

MP Gharios to Al-Manar Website: March 14 Statement Void

16/09/2010 Member of the Change and Reform parliamentary bloc MP Naji Gharios rejected on Thursday the statement issued one day earlier by the so-called March 14 General Secretariat as meaningless and vain, regretting in an exclusive interview with Al-Manar website that the debate in the country became useless.

On Wednesday, the March 14 General Secretariat launched a verbal assault against Hezbollah and other opposition forces, claiming they were behind what they called a “fierce coup attempt” the aim of which is to restore the situation in the country to what it was before March 14, 2005. “Hezbollah revealed this plan itself when it announced its refusal of the facts and political, national, and popular equations,” a statement released by the mentioned General Secretariat claimed.

“The March 14 forces are seeking to hide their faults through such stances,” MP Gharios told Al-Manar website on Thursday. “The debate became useless. We speak about state building. How do they respond?”

According to Gharios, the statement made by the March 14 forces is completely void. “They’re assailing left and right, accusing here and there. We didn’t accuse anybody. We only said that state building can’t take place in this way.”

Gharios pointed out that the state starts through consensus, admitting that there’s a fierce political conflict in the country and that the regional situation is not comfortable as well, causing negative repercussions on Lebanon.

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