Monday, 7 February 2011

God's Chosen Terrorists

Meet God’s Chosen Thieves and Terrorists: the Jewish settlers

We don’t care what the world thinks abut what our land is or what our land is not… we are a chosen nation and the world knows that, and God promised us Jerusalem

Ultra Zionists

Louis Theroux constructs his "documentary" by using his very carefully crafted expressions, finely tuned sentences and deliberately chosen vocabulary, charged with subliminal meanings that could have only been conceived in the minds of perception management experts, to soften the image of the most vile supremacist group of people, and show them as ideologically and morally firm, extremely brave, warm, fun-loving, permanently threatened and persecuted just because they are Jews, yet very determined and steadfast, who live under extraordinary conditions surrounded by Jew-hater, who have "pogromed" the Jews before and who are ready to slaughter them again and again, just because they are Jews:

Look at the introductory sentence for example:

“Many religious extremists, and yet they are protected by one of the world’s most powerful armies… and they are ready to resist any onslaught to re-establish the Greater Jewish nation

Louis Theroux

(Daniel Luria from the ultra religious Jewish organization utterit cohinim)

“This is the Jewish homeland and there never was a Palestinian people” Daniel Luria

“He doesn’t like the fact that the Jews are here full stop, that’s his problem” Daniel Luria

“The international community is on his side, really in the sense that it doesn’t recognise the validity of israel ‘s annexation of East Jerusalem, and it review you as interloper in his community” Louis Theroux
Ok, the world’s got a problem… so I say, so what for the world, it doesn’t bother me” Daniel Luria

(Yeh Lieberman chabad gilad)

Do you think that Palestinians and Jews are equal?” Louis Theroux Jews are the chosen” Y. Lieberman


“They just bring the grapes to the doors… They are not allowed inside”
“Do they mind?”
“No…They want to serve us
“He also knows that life is good UNDER the JewsDaniel Luria

"Until the twenties a community of Jews lived here but they were violently driven out during a pogromLouis Theroux

"It was the dream of Jewish settlers to be allowed to re-populate the area" Louis Theroux

"The presence of Jewish people in their ancestral homelands upsets millions of people around the world" Daniel Luria

The program ends with this chilling sentence:

“There is the flag, there is the tabernacle, there is the house, there is the Jewish life in the united Jerusalem, and there is nothingNOTHING that YOU or the world can do about it …NOTHING

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amerisraeldoomed said...


1 - Unnatural intercourse does not cause a woman to be forbidden to marry a High Priest. - Talmud YEB. 59A-59B.

(Often the rabbis go into pages of imbecilic explanations of these laws; the following is typical: "A woman who had intercourse with a beast is eligible to marry a High Priest unless specifically warned in advance and the act seen by two witnesses. If she had intercourse with a dog while sweeping the floor, she is likewise reckoned to be pure. ")

2 - A goy (any non-Jew) who studies the Torah deserves death, for it is written, it is our inheritance, not theirs. SANHEDRIN 59A.
[ Note by a reader: The Torah is inclusive with he filthy Tal-MUD . ]

3 - Adam had intercourse with every beast and animal but found no satisfaction until he cohabited with Eve. YEB. 63A.

4 - Baby girls of three invoke sadistic punishments on those who have intercourse with them when they are menstruating. SAN. 55B and 69A.
(Typical Jewish insanity as this is a physical impossibility.)

5 - When a baby girl has attained the age of three years and a day, she is fit for cohabitation. YEB. 60B.

6 - Women who are unclean (menstruating) must remain separate but only during the day time. HORAYOTH 4A.

7 - The temple can accept money given by a man to a harlot to associate with his dog. SOTAH 268.

8 - No occupation is inferior to that of agriculture. YEB. 63A.

9 - Jesus is in hell. His punishment is being boiled in hot semen. GITTEN 57A.

10 - Christians are boiled in hot excrement. GITTEN 57A.

11 - Jesus committed bestiality with his ass. SANH. 105A and B.

12 - There is a tale in ABODAH ZARAH, page 17A, about a rabbi who visited every harlot in the world, crossing seven rivers to reach the last one, but he was allowed to die in peace because he had not committed the one unforgivable sin, adopting Christianity.

13 - Unnatural connection is permitted to a Jew, also sodomy with a neighbor's wife. SANH. 58B.

14 - Murdering Christians is the same as killing a wild animal. SANH. 78B and 79A.
[ Reader Note: How many Palestinians are Christians .................. ? ]

15 - If a woman sported lewdly with her young son, a minor, and he committed cohabitation with her; he renders her unfit for the priesthood, unless he is under eight years of age. SANH. 470.

16 - Intercourse is permitted with a dead relative regardless of whether she was single or married. YEB.55B
[ To wit: the Jeffrey Dahmlers of this world; he just happened to get caught and had to be made a sacrificial GOAT . ]

17 - A baby girl under three years and one day is always reckoned as a virgin because if she had intercourse previously, the hymen would grow back. KETHO BOTH 10B and 11A.


This insane dribble goes on page after page, book after book, completely obsessed with sex, perversion, sodomy and fanatical hatred for Christ, Christians and Christianity.

Are the Jews literally and genetically insane?
Let us check what the encyclopedia and the world's leading authorities on mental diseases have to say.

From the Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. 9, under nervous diseases:

"The Jews are more subject to nervous diseases than the other races. HYSTERIA and NEURASTHENIA appear to be the most frequent. Physicians of large experience among Jews have gone so far as to state that most of them are NEURASTHENIC and HYSTERICAL.