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Israel's Ikhwan mantra

Israel's pro-Mubarak stance is explained by its desire to preserve its interests in the region, writes Khaled Amayreh in occupied Jerusalem

With the popular Egyptian revolution against the Mubarak regime entering its third consecutive week, Israeli leaders continued to invoke the mantra of the Muslim Brotherhood (Al-Ikhwan Al-Muslimoun), fearing that the inclusion of the hitherto-outlawed group into any post-Mubarak government in Egypt could seriously undermine Israeli interests.

Israel has been explicitly urging Western powers, particularly the US Obama administration, not to abandon Hosni Mubarak, arguing that his unpopular regime is vital for safeguarding Israeli and Western interests in the region.

Ideally, Israel would like to see any regime in Cairo maintain the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty, refrain from seriously interfering with Israeli policies and practices against the Palestinians, and keep Islamist influence in the region at bay.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, probably for the fifth time since the outbreak of massive demonstrations against Mubarak on 25 January, has once again warned against the prospect of Egypt falling into the hands of radical Islamists.

"Egypt can choose a state with secular reforms. However, there is also another possibility that the Islamists will exploit the situation in order to gain governance over the country and lead it backwards," he said.
Overlooking the fundamental religious and cultural differences between Egypt and Iran, Netanyahu said a third possibility was that Egypt would go in the direction of Iran, adding that in this case the presumed new rulers would oppress the country and threaten surrounding countries.

"Our real fear, however, is the emergence of a regime of radical Islam," Netanyahu said.

Other Israeli leaders have made myriad comments on the situation in Egypt, with the outgoing Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi interpreting the Egyptian revolution as clear proof that "extremists are coming" and that Israel should get ready for war.

Shaul Mofaz, the number-two leader in the opposition party, Kadima, voiced his fear that the unrest in Egypt could create a domino effect in the region.

"In the light of recent events, the importance of the peace process is increased. I believe in the peace process, and time is acting against both Israel and the Palestinians. We should enter direct talks with no preconditions with the Palestinians," Mofaz said.

Like other Israeli leaders, Mofaz is widely considered to be a war criminal for his role in the killing and maiming of thousands of Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip when he acted as both chief of staff and Israeli defence minister.

Former deputy defense minister Efraim Sneh, an erstwhile Labour Party leader, warned against allowing Egypt to get too close to the Gaza Strip.

While recognising that a military confrontation with a new Egypt was a remote possibility, he said Israelis ought to keep in mind that Egypt would not be as it was before.

"The regime as we know it now will be no more. No matter which regime takes over, its level of commitment to the peace agreements with Israel will be lower," Sneh said.

Meanwhile, Israeli President Shimon Peres continued to heap praise on Mubarak whose "cold peace" with Israel, Peres said, had made Israelis ask whether "with friends like this, who needs enemies."

Speaking during a banquet in occupied Jerusalem this week, Peres said a pro-peace undemocratic regime was better for Israeli interests than an anti-peace democratic regime in Egypt.

"In spite of all the attacks against President Mubarak, I have known him for many years, throughout his presidency, and I accredit him as being one of the persons who saved many lives by preventing war in the Middle East and who saved the lives of Egyptians, Arabs and Israelis."

Peres dismissed the Egyptian people's ability to turn their country into a genuinely democratic one where the government is answerable to the people.

"Elections in Egypt are dangerous. Should the Muslim Brotherhood be elected, it will not bring peace. Democracy without peace is not democracy. We fear there will be a change in government without a change in the circumstances which led to the situation," he said.

Like other Israeli leaders, Peres seems to equate acceptance of the continuity of the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories with a genuine desire of peace.

Peres, like many of his colleagues, is also considered a war criminal for his role in the Qana Massacre in Southern Lebanon in the spring of 1996, when he, as Israeli prime minister, ordered his army to bombard Lebanese civilians who had sought refuge and protection at a UN peacekeepers' headquarters in the village of Qana. More than 100 innocent civilians were massacred.

For their part, Israeli commentators already feel there is a "psychological coup" in the Middle East militating against Israel.

Moreover, the Israeli media is anticipating that the ongoing unrest in Egypt will have an "emboldening effect" on the Palestinians in general, including the Western-backed Palestinian Authority. This explains the numerous ostensibly "conciliatory" statements made by Israeli officials calling for the resumption of stalled peace talks with the Palestinians.

"To our Palestinian neighbours, I say: Let us go towards compromise together," Peres was quoted as saying.
However, such statements should be viewed against a backdrop of the further seizure of Arab property in East Jerusalem, more house demolitions, and further expansion of Jewish settlements in the West Bank.
Apart from its strategic goals in Egypt, especially having Cairo serve as a regional magnet for "moderate" Arab regimes that accept Israel as a de facto friend and even ally, Israel would like to see at least one of its main objectives accomplished immediately.

Egypt, Israel hopes, must see to it that no weapons are smuggled into the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.
In the long run, Israel is also worried that a new regime in Egypt might be more meticulous in holding Israel to account for any perceived violations of the Camp David Treaty, such as the vast expansion of Jewish settlements and the possible recurrence of an all-out Israeli onslaught against the Gaza Strip.

Nonetheless, it seems that with Egyptian General Intelligence chief Omar Suleiman now earmarked as the leader of a caretaker government in Cairo, the Israelis are achieving greater mental equanimity since Suleiman is believed to have had friendly contacts with the Israeli intelligence services.

Hamas rejects PLO decision to hold elections

[ 12/02/2011 - 04:25 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)-- Hamas announced rejection of a decision passed by the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) to hold presidential and legislative elections, saying the move will ”consolidate division” and is not in the interest of the Palestinians.

"The decision is unacceptable because Abu Mazen [Mahmoud Abbas] and Fayyad lack the legitimacy and competency to hold or host such elections," Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum told the AFP.

”We do not recognize the elections and will not participate in them ... because they consolidate division and will not be in the interest of the Palestinians,” he said.

Elections for the presidency, legislature or local councils "must be the product of reconciliation," Barhoum added.

"The PLO in its present state does not represent the Palestinians ... the organization with its weak structure is used to pass such policies, and is hijacked and controlled by Fatah," he went on to say.

Another Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri, for his part, described the PLO move as a "political farce" designed to cover the PA's recently leaked scandals under the presidency of Mahmoud Abbas.

"Regarding its timing, the call aims at covering Abbas's scandals relating to accredited Al-Jazeera documents and creating dispute over elections to divert Palestinian public opinion from the scandals," Abu Zuhri told our correspondent.

"It is impossible to hold elections without Hamas approval, so we are not facing a serious announcement but a political farce to cover crimes and at the same time make Abbas look good. They know this better than anyone else," he said.

An official from the PLO's Executive Committee announced Saturday the organization's decision to hold presidential and legislative elections in the Palestinian territories in the few coming months.

Erekat quits over Palestine Papers
Abbas and Netanyahu keep their mouths shut after Mubarak ousted , However, Netanyahu opened his mouth after the Eyptian miltary concell declared egypt commitment towards international treaties.

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Erikat resigns after scandal of leaked secret papers


[ 12/02/2011 - 04:16 PM ]

The so-called senior Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erikat has resigned his post in the PLO's negotiations department, which he had been heading since 2003.

Erikat said on Saturday that he shouldered the responsibility for the leaked secret papers, exposed by Al-Jazeera TV network, on negotiations with Israel that revealed big concessions on the part of his negotiating team in the issues of Jerusalem, refugees, and others and thus tendered his resignation.

AFP quoted a Palestinian official, who refused to be named, as saying that Erikat's resignation followed the investigation conducted by the Palestinian Authority into the issue of the leaked documents.

The committee of investigation presented its findings to the de facto president Mahmoud Abbas and the PLO's executive committee, he said, adding that in light of results of the investigations Erikat tendered his resignation.

Commenting on the news, Dr. Hassan Abu Hashish, the head of the Palestinian government's media office in Gaza, said that Erikat's resignation pointed to the state of failure accompanying the negotiations process.

He told the PIC that the failure was not for Erikat alone but for the entire trend he represented, championing a change to the Palestinian rule led by Abbas, which led the Palestinian people to an abyss.

It is about time for the Palestinian political spectrum to draft a new national leadership for the Palestinian people based on rights and constants, Abu Hashish underlined.

For his part, Fawzi Barhoum, a Hamas spokesman, said that Erikat's resignation was not enough, adding that all those involved in offering concessions as revealed by the leaked papers should be brought to account.

He demanded the formation of a national investigative committee to probe the role of each and every one involved in the corruption and conspiracies against the Palestinian people.

Barhoum, hoping that Erikat's resignation would signal a real and rooted change in the PA, he urged the PA in Ramallah to declare failure of the negotiations and an end to the entire process.

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Six years on, Hariri legacy falters in Lebanon

Via Friday-Lunch-Club

"... BEIRUT, Feb 12, 2011 (AFP) - Six years after Rafiq Hariri's assassination galvanized Lebanon,... the camp of outgoing prime minister Saad Hariri, son of the slain five-time premier, has since "suffered a number of setbacks," said Asaad AbuKhalil, professor at California State University and author of a political blog. "But it would be too soon to declare its death because the factors that gave rise to the movement remain," AbuKhalil told AFP.
.... today the tables have turned for Hariri and his Western-backed allies.
"Six years on, things are looking pretty grim for the original coalition formed after Hariri's assassination," said political commentator Nicholas Noe, editor of a book on Hezbollah."The deepest cut over the years has been the issue of the tribunal," Noe added. "Those forces opposed to the tribunal have been able with a fair degree of success to undermine its credibility."...
"The battle has long been about the Lebanese public's perception of the tribunal's credibility and legitimacy," said Elias Muhanna, author of another political blog and a PhD candidate at Harvard University."And I think that (the Hezbollah camp) has been more adept at shaping that perception."...
A local pro-Hezbollah television channel has also aired a series of leaked recordings of the outgoing premier's interviews with UN investigators dating back to 2007 in which he called Syria's President Bashar al-Assad an "idiot."Although Hariri had initially pointed the finger at Assad for his father's murder, he later cosied up to his northern neighbour, visiting Damascus on several occasions since his 2009 appointment as prime minister.
"I would not underestimate the impact of the . . . leaks in that they showed the extent to which the actual legal proceeding of the position of the Hariri court had been tainted by utter unprofessionalism," said AbuKhalil.
"The way Hariri spoke, so vulgarly, made him . . . unseemly to some," he added. "Here was Hariri rallying his community against Syria, only to have his followers witness how he crawled right back to Syria."..."
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New Dawn Breaks over Egypt: The People Have Brought Down Pharaoh

Finally, and after more than seventeen days of protests, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak finally surrendered…

In a move that was expected a long time, Mubarak stepped down on Friday, after it became impossible for him to ignore the Egyptian nation’s calls for him to resign and leave presidency and after defeat became absolute…
Good news, but the people should not leave the streets.

Protesters celebrate in Tahrir Square, chanting "the people have brought down the regime"


Gaza explodes in celebrations
Hamas Hails the revolution, Call for Lifting the Siege Imeadiatly
The wall "is broken" again but from the other side
Palestinian scholars call on new Egyptian rulers to end Gaza siege

Flashback: The "Palestinian" IDIOT on Domesticating Hamas

And when Hamas "Massed" it's forces" to defend Gaza before bait hannoun massacre he preyed shocking his long ears; "So when I hear Hamas declaring that it would stop an Israeli invasion of Gaza, I just shake my Head."

Tunisians are celebrating the victory in front of the Egyptian Embassy
Egyptions are Calling Al-manar to Congratulate Nassralla

Montaser al-Zaidi called Al-Manar Rejoicing the revolution


Mubarak is not the ENEMY

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Israel Eyes Mubarak’s Ouster with Tremble!

Author: M.Haydar
Israel was watching Egyptian ex-President Hosni Mubarak’s ouster anxiously on Friday, with the government declined comment on the event, and officials were concerned over the fate of the “peace” treaty signed between Egypt and the Zionist entity.

Israeli officials expressed concern that regime change in Egypt, as part of a wider transformation of the Arab world, could leave Israel even more isolated. Last year, regional powerhouse Turkey shifted away from its alliance with Israel.

"We have a tough period ahead of us," Zvi Mazel, a former ambassador in Egypt, told Israel TV. "Iran and Turkey will consolidate positions against us. Forget about the former Egypt. Now it's a completely new reality, and it won't be easy."

Some in Israel feared the unrest could spread to neighboring Jordan, the only other Arab country that has a peace deal with Israel, or to the Palestinian territories.

Former defense minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer who was a long-time “friend” of Mubarak, said he was worried.

"From this day on, I only have lots of questions about what will be, what will be the fate of the peace treaty between us and the Egyptians?" Ben-Eliezer told Israel TV's Channel 10. "There are many questions that we don't have answers for, how will this affect the entire region now?"

Dan Gillerman, a former envoy at the UN, said that if “radicals” prevail in Egypt and elsewhere, it would be devastating for Israel and the region.

"At the end of the day what we are seeing in the Middle East is a battle between the moderates and the extremists and I think it is in everybody's interests that the moderates prevail," he told Fox News.

Military sources said on condition of anonymity they were worried that if a peace treaty isn't kept, the military would have to reassess its deployment.

These sources also feared that Muslim Brotherhood could affect the power struggle between the two Palestinian political camps — Hamas and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

Abbas is backed by the West, while Hamas is the Gaza branch of the Muslim brotherhood and could gain strength if their Egyptian brethren win a greater say.


 On the other hand, the top United States military officer heads to Jordan and Israel next week for high-level talks meant to reassure key allies.

Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the U.S. military's Joint Chiefs of Staff, will arrive in Jordan on Sunday for talks with his military counterpart and with Jordan's King Abdullah.

Mullen will continue to Israel, and he is due to meet Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Shimon Peres and the outgoing head of the armed forces, Lieutenant-General Gabi Ashkenazi on Sunday and Monday, before returning to Washington.

"At this very critical time in the Middle East [Mullen wants] to reassure our Israeli partners that our commitment to them, and to the military relationship that we have enjoyed with them, remains strong," Capt. John Kirby, an aide to Mullen, told Reuters.

US and “Israel” in Trouble?

Nour Rida

The White Big Elephant was in the room, he just did not see it, or actually never wanted to see it. The Egyptian ousted President Husni Mubarak, after three decades of causing and ignoring the sufferings of millions of Egyptians finally decided to step down.

Yes, he did... and so did the Vice President Omar Suleiman, who was supposed to be his successor, his excellent student of autocracy and despotism and "Israel's" number one nominee...or shall we call him the Runner Up of Mubarak's regime New Face contest?!

The world celebrated on the Freedom Friday, Egypt was vivid and victorious. But as expected "Israel" and a few of its supporters worried on an issue, to them of critical importance: Will the evolving new government continue to honor the 1979 treaty with "Israel"?

Mubarak maintained a cold peace with "Israel" and helped isolate the Gaza Strip; these were certainties and now face challenge.

For the Egyptians, the three decades encompassed years of oppression, corruption and poverty; but for the U.S., Mubarak was an anchor of stability at the helm of the world's largest Arab nation, enforcing a peace treaty with "Israel" and protecting vital U.S. interests, but today might be a new day to Egypt, and the staring of an end to "Israel".

The US was the first to voice concern over the stability of "Israel". The White House on Friday called on the new authorities in Egypt to honor existing peace agreements with "Israel" after the stepping down of Husni Mubarak.

"It is important the next government of Egypt recognize the accords that have been signed with the government of "Israel"," White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said in a statement.
Also, Ray Takeyh of the US Council on Foreign Relations, he said that the Arab-"Israeli" peace process and the integration of "Israel" into the regional order could be a "casualty" of the democratic epoch.

Another voice of support to "Israel" came from German Chancellor Angela Merkel. She hailed the "historic change" in Egypt, but urged the new leadership to respect the 1979 peace treaty with "Israel", reiterating that "those now in charge should ensure that developments were "irreversible and peaceful" and that "Israel's" security remain guaranteed.

On his part, Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Friday he hoped a new Egypt will respect old peace treaties following President Hosni Mubarak's departure.

Officials in "Israel" have expressed worry that Mubarak's successors might distance themselves from the peace treaty between the two Egypt and the Zionist state.

"We hope that the change to democracy in Egypt will happen without violence and that the peace accord will remain," sources reported an official saying.

From El nido del cuco
Also, Zvi Mazel, a former "Israeli" ambassador to Egypt. "As long as we had Mubarak, there was no void in our relations with the region. Now we're in big trouble."

"From this day on, I only have lots of questions about what will be, what will be the fate of the peace treaty between us and the Egyptians? And how will this affect the entire region?" former "Israeli" war Minister Binyamin Ben Eliezer told an "Israeli" TV channel.

Amid the joy of the people around the world in the victory of the White revolution, the US and "Israel" fear the loss after its staunchest Arab ally and the coming of a new government, a new regime that would consider annulling a peace treaty, breaking the Gaza siege or even less than all that, slightly harming the US-"Israeli" interests in the region.

Ex-ambassador to Egypt: Israel in strategic crisis after Mubarak's downfall

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JONATHAN AZAZIAH : Israel’s Fission Field Warfare — Pakistan, Iraq and Egypt

11. Feb, 2011
Israel's Fission Field Warfare is the
highest degree of false flag terrorism.

Once the nucleus is split, the energy released is that which resembles misunderstanding, enmity, frustration and even hatred. Since the fission itself is controlled ‘very carefully,’ the manipulators must also induce the bombardment.

By Jonathan Azaziah

Fission is defined as ‘the act or process of splitting into parts.’ In a more scientific explanation, fission is defined as ‘division of the atomic nucleus into two lighter fragments releasing energy. In a nuclear power station, fission occurs slowly, while in a nuclear weapon, very rapidly. In both instances, fission must be very carefully controlled.’

When applied to daily shifts on the geopolitical front, the first definition is self explanatory. The second definition however, requires a bit of dissection. The ‘nucleus’ of a stable society is the peaceful, brotherly and harmonious interaction between its people. To split this nucleus through fission, thus disrupting the interaction and establishing division, the variable needed is any type of bombardment.
Once the nucleus is split, the energy released is that which resembles misunderstanding, enmity, frustration and even hatred. Since the fission itself is controlled ‘very carefully,’ the manipulators must also induce the bombardment. This bombardment can be directed at either side of the divided societal ‘nucleus,’ fomenting an ever-expanding atmosphere of perpetual blaming and infighting. By constantly injecting deception into the enclaves where the newly formed ‘fragments’ have been divided, they remain quite incognizant of the reason that they have been split from their harmonious core to begin with.

Sustaining this division in nations which aren’t fully aligned with the greater globalist agenda, also known as ‘hostile environments,’ tips the geopolitical scale in the favor of the manipulators and their agents who designed the bombardment. There is an entity that has mastered this political fission, or ‘fission field warfare.’ And that criminal entity is Israel.

The Zionist entity has always
considered the Islamic Republic
of Pakistan its enemy.

Hostile Environment I: Humiliation In Pakistan

The Zionist entity’s first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, an insidiously racist man devoid of any humanity and the architect of the Palestinian Nakba which ethnically cleansed Palestine of its indigenous, possessed an excessively xenophobic and brutally delusional world view. Nothing provides better evidence of this than the disturbing remarks that Ben-Gurion levied against the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in 1967:

David Ben-Gurion,
Israel's first prime minister,
laid out the blueprints
to destroy Pakistan in 1967.
 “The world Zionist movement should not be neglectful of the dangers of Pakistan to it. And Pakistan now should be its first target, for this ideological state is a threat to our existence. And Pakistan, the whole of it, hates the Jews and loves the Arabs. This lover of Arabs is more dangerous to us than the Arabs themselves. For that matter, it is most essential for world Zionism that it now take steps against Pakistan. Whereas the inhabitants of the Indian Peninsula are Hindus, whose hearts have been full of hatred towards Muslims. Therefore, India is the most important base for us to work from against Pakistan. It is essential that we exploit this base and strike and crush Pakistanis, enemies of Jews and Zionism, by all disguised and secret plans (1).”

Fast forward to the new millennium, and David Ben-Gurion’s speech has manifested within every inch of Pakistan’s societal woes via extensive fission field warfare employed cooperatively by Mossad and Hinudtvadi India’s RAW.

In 2001, Mossad and RAW founded four new agencies for the specific purpose of unleashing chaos throughout Pakistan, targeting the upper echelons of its political sphere and financial sectors. Using high-powered explosives, trains, railway stations, bus stations, hotels and cinemas would all be targets of bombardment. Most integral to the Zionism-Hindutva intelligence nexus however, was the religious establishment. Operatives would strategically place explosives in the mosques of various sects and leave false flags to create the appearance of a ‘sectarian’ hit. RAW led the way in the recruitment phase of the operation, luring Pakistani men between the ages of 20 and 30 into visiting India, before ruining them with entrapment and subversion, coercing them into working against their nation (2).

Following the example of the Zionist entity’s usual knack for extremism when titling its subversive military-intelligence operations, the next phase of Pakistan’s ‘crushing’ is known as the ‘Dragon Policy,’ named after the Talmudic interpretation of the dragon, where the serpent-like beast serves as the splitter and transformer of light into darkness. This facet of the Zionist stratagem begins with the recruiting, where experts of Mossad and RAW train personalities from varying criminal sectors in the finer arts of covert operations and terrorism, including mercenaries, mafia dons and narcotics tycoons. Like the CIA funding its covert operations in Latin America with monolithic amounts of cocaine distribution in poor African-American communities at home (3), Zionist and Hindutvadi intelligence mirrored this format, only with heroin cultivated from illegal poppy crops.

Kept in the dark for decades, the collaboration
between Mossad and RAW against
 Pakistan has been deadly.

 At least 57 recruitment/training camps across India and illegally occupied Kashmir were established by the Mossad-RAW alliance; each camp breeding terrorists controlled by Tel Aviv and New Delhi to be launched inside Pakistan. Mossad and Aman (Israel’s Military Intelligence Directorate) financially contributed to this operation in an elephantine manner. Once recruits are deployed into the field, RAW provides them with cash, weapons and ammunition while posing as Al-Qaeda.

Subsequently, through the media networks in the West, which are exclusively owned by fierce Zionist extremists, Al-Qaeda and the Taliban are blamed for ‘terrorism’ and Pakistan is heavily criticized for being incompetently unable to combat it (4).

The strength of the Mossad-RAW Dragon Policy is solidified through its partnership with the hunter-killer mercenary giant, Blackwater, now known as Xe. Blackwater, under the leadership of ex-CIA officer Erik Prince and Christian Zionist-Dominionist Dick DeVos, became a hive for Israel Firsters within America’s power structure; a haven for elements sympathetic to Zionism and full of irrational hatred for the Arab and Muslim world (5). This Zionist fervor within Xe made it an obvious candidate for a confederation with Israel and Hindutva.

Blackwater (Xe) is actively working with Mossad and
RAW in the implementation of the
Zionist operation known as the 'Dragon Policy.'

Personnel from the top tiers of Mossad and RAW ordnance units have coordinated strikes with strategically placed Xe cells within Pakistan to unleash furious bombings when ‘patsy’ agents are unable to secure a ‘checkout’ on a designated mission. The massacre that claimed the lives of 54 innocent Shia and injured 150 others at an Al-Quds Rally in early September 2010 was initially blamed on the ‘Tehrik-I-Taliban,’ a fictional ‘Sunni’ extremist group, as per Dragon Policy strategy. In reality however, this bloodbath was a fission field warfare operation carried out by Xe, in cohesion with Mossad and RAW, to foment division between Sunni and Shia and Pakistan (6). The real Taliban has pegged Blackwater (Xe) on numerous occasions for committing atrocities and wrongfully blaming it on Islam (7).

Recent atrocities in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan fall along the lines of the exact pattern. Twin truck bombings in the northwestern Pakistani town of Peshawar have just claimed the lives of at least 7 innocents, including 2 women, and injured 14 others. The ‘Taliban’ has been blamed for the crime (8). Peshawar is an active stronghold for the Mossad-RAW nexus, and the intelligence agencies have been previously caught by local police engaging in terrorism (9). The truck bomb of course, is a surefire sign of Israeli involvement; it serves as one of Tel Aviv’s signatures. Nearly 29 years ago, the Zionist entity infamously used this highly destructive and deadly weapon to murder 241 US Marines in Beirut while they were sleeping (10).

On January 25th, at least 16 Shia were murdered and 70 others were wounded when car bombs and motorcycle bombs detonated during a religious ceremony. The attacks were blamed on ‘pro-Taliban militants (11),’ revealing the fingerprints of the Dragon Policy. The car bomb is another of Mossad’s signature devices, primarily used in the execution of false flag operations, whether the designated target is a political assassination or everyday terrorism against civilian populations (12). The motorcycle bomb is also a weapon of the Israeli agency, typically unleashed in high-level operations, including in its recent hit on Iranian nuclear scientist Masoud Ali Muhammadi, murdered by Mossad in front of his home (13).

The imaginary ‘Tehrik-I-Taliban’ was at it again on January 28th, in perfect union with the increasing activity of the Mossad-RAW Dragon Policy, blowing up two girls’ schools and a college in southwestern Pakistan (14). Military-grade dynamite was used, powerful enough to level city blocks, not homemade bombs as the media of the Zionist criminal network would lead the masses to believe.

“By deception, thou shalt wage war” are the words that govern every action of the Mossad. Deception is the very essence of fission field warfare. The bombardments that foment the fission are only the top layer of this intricate form of terrorism. There is a specific reason behind each operation, an ‘origin point.’ The origin point is a world event needing to be deflected from public attention, as a means of exhorting further Zionist control over the masses and consolidating as much power as possible.

An agent of Xe (Blackwater) just
gunned down two innocent
Pakistani men in Lahore
for absolutely no reason.

 At this particular time, the origin point for deliverance of fission field warfare in Pakistan is the growing concern over Blackwater’s all-out infiltration of the Islamic nation, culminating in a mercenary of the hunter-killer corporation gunning down two innocent Pakistani men in front of the US embassy in Lahore (15). This act of blatant lawlessness and degradation is coupled with the growing unrest throughout Pakistan regarding drone strikes and ongoing injustice against Dr. Aafia Siddiqui. The Resistance of the people has grown stronger and even bolder.

Tribesmen in north Waziristan are suing the CIA for killing their family members (16). In trepidation, the CIA pulled ‘Jonathan Banks,’ its station chief in Islamabad and target of the tribesmen’s lawsuit, hoping it could bury the fury of the people and continue its drone campaign (17). But its move was futile. The protests are becoming larger in terms of sheer size, including one that exceeded 10,000 demonstrators in the Mossad-riddled town of Peshawar (18), and another which was comprised of tens of thousands in Karachi (19). And the people aren’t alone in their disgust and desire to see the CIA “video-game” style murder campaign come to an end. All leading political parties in Pakistan (puppets and non-puppets alike) have united in the call to end the CIA’s drone campaign (20), a showing of political unity not seen in decades.

The nucleus of Pakistan was reforming; rejecting calls of the hegemonists in D.C. and Tel Aviv and expelling the energies of enmity and frustration for a common cause of national unity and the defense of its sovereignty. Israel’s fission field warfare however, has reestablished the foundation of division laid out by Ben-Gurion over 40 years prior.

Hostile Environment II: Destruction of Occupied Iraq

Zionist agents of the Project for a New American
Century (PNAC)
planned and executed the annihilation of Iraq.
Fission field warfare is the armed aspect of the Zionist entity’s “Greater Israel” grand scheme, which it is attempting to bring forth through the ‘Fracture Theory of Zion (FTZ).’ FTZ is a centuries-old operation that was born with Zionism in the echoes of the infamous extremist saying, “from the Nile to the Euphrates.”

It encompasses fission field warfare, which breeds division through military and intelligence means, along with diplomatic manipulation (i.e. the global Zionist lobby), financial isolation (i.e. the Zionist international banking cartels and sanctions against Iran) and opposition infiltration (i.e. the subversion of the anti-war and truth movements by Zionist-run Wikileaks). FTZ is the doctrine which provides cover for Israeli expansionism and generates a plethora of new wars to strengthen the ‘Israeli empire (21).’

There isn’t a country on earth that has suffered more at the hands of Israel’s Fracture Theory of Zion than the occupied, annihilated Arab nation of Iraq. The evidence of it is ample. The admissions of guilt from the Zionist criminal network are numerous. Mossad began funding Kurdish collaborationists in northern Iraq as early as the 1950s (22), planting the seeds for Arab-Kurdish ethnic tensions and divisions. Israeli foreign policy advisor Oded Yinon compiled the blueprint for splitting Iraq, a centrist nation of religionists and secularists, Muslims and Christians, affluents, the working class and the poor, into three sectarian states in 1982 (23), furthering ethnic tensions and creating religious divides.

Yinon’s blueprint was reinforced by the “Clean Break Papers,” written for Benjamin Netanyahu by a study group of Zionist war criminals led by chief criminal, Richard Perle. This document emphasized Israel’s necessity to destabilize then “redefine” Iraq to its liking (24). Immediately following the Clean Break papers, the Project For A New American Century (PNAC) was created by a who’s who of top tier Zionists with dual American-Israeli citizenship, including the Clean Break authors and the architect of the invasion of Iraq himself, Zionist mass murderer Paul Wolfowitz (25).

Obliterating Iraq was one of PNAC’s primary objectives, and the think tank wrote a letter to war criminal Bill Clinton in 1998, mapping out the steps to be taken for regime change and nation destruction, including “a systematic air campaign (26).” Two years later, it would write a monumental foreign policy dictate which prominently featured Iraq’s annihilation and the means needed to carry it out via a “new Pearl Harbor,” a.k.a. the September 11th attacks (27).

One year after September 11th, and 6 months before the genocidal “liberation” of Iraq, Israeli war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu echoed his colleagues at PNAC when he issued a lengthy speech to the House Committee on Government Reform in promotion of invading and occupying Iraq, stating that before any action is taken against the Arab nation, the “people of Israel” must be insured that they will be safe (28). Condoleeza Rice, the Zionist war criminal that held the Secretary of State position in the Likudnik Bush White House, has gone on record to state that America’s invasion and occupation of Iraq was for the protection of the usurping entity in Tel Aviv (29).

Decades of Zionist positioning culminated in the invasion of Iraq on March 20, 2003. The ‘shock and awe’ tactics implemented by the US-UK occupying forces to decimate the Iraqi people allowed Israel to penetrate every sector of their society. Deploying Mossad agents in every region of the nation, the Zionist entity assassinated over 530 Iraqi scientists and academics, initiated an extermination campaign targeting Iraqi Christians and commissioned Zeev Belinsky, a Zionist criminal who is one of the leading businessmen behind the Apartheid Wall in occupied Palestine (30), to build a separation wall in Baghdad to divide Shia and Sunni communities and breed enmity between them (31).

Genocidal criminal Paul Wolfowitz, an avid Zionist,
led the march into Baghdad at the behest of Tel Aviv.

Belinsky’s project was aided by one of Iraq’s most notorious traitors, Ahmed Chalabi, whose INC (Iraqi National Congress) was created by the CIA and whose very political existence was created by the Zionist decision-makers within PNAC. His handler after Iraq was invaded in ‘03 was Wolfowitz himself (32).

Chalabi was intimately involved with the Mossad in the 1980s, and was mentored by Albert Wohlsetter, the godfather of neoconservatism, whom Chalabi met while visiting occupied Palestine to meet his Mossad contacts. Wohlsetter would introduce Chalabi to Richard Perle (33).

With Iraq’s intelligentsia massacred, the Iraqi Christian community in shambles, Zionist-handpicked traitors governing Iraq while masquerading in full “free and democratic garb” and Zionist agents like Michael Fleischer in full control of Iraq’s finances, prostituting Iraqi assets to private corporations closely allied with the usurping Israeli entity (34), the Fracture Theory of Zion was deeply entrenched into Iraq’s infrastructure. The bombardments were in place, and the fission field warfare was ready to be unleashed.

Mossad’s favorite weapon, the car bomb, was to put to use across occupied Iraq with the help of its allies in the CIA and MI6. Sunni mosques were bombed, resulting in the murder of innocent men, women and children, only to be blamed on Shia ‘terrorists.’ Shia mosques were bombed, resulting in the murder of innocent men, women and children, only to be blamed on Sunni ‘terrorists.’ Shia were frequently targeted during their holiest religious proceedings. The media described it as ‘sectarian warfare,’ one sect pitted against the other, covering up that it was nothing more than divide-and-conquer strategy dominantly controlled and manipulated by the Zionist entity. The Iraqi people however, wholeheartedly rejected these contrived divisions, knowing full well that the car bombs were the work of Israeli, British and American intelligence services (35).

P2OG, an intelligence agency
designed to carry out false flag
 operations, was created by the
Zionist-run Defense
Science Board.
American intelligence rigs cars with explosives at military checkpoints throughout Iraq, due to the US military’s control over them. Eyewitness accounts from Shia districts in Baghdad and Mossad-infested Mosul have confirmed it. This ‘American’ degree of Zionism’s fission field warfare in Iraq originated in the office of Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz, from a shadowy organization called Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group (P2OG), created by the Defense Science Board. P2OG advocated using assassinations, sabotage and deception to provoke the Iraqi people into bloody civil war (36).

The Defense Science Board was headed by William J. Schneider Jr., a staunch Zionist and member of PNAC. Schneider put forth an all-out media blitz regarding the legitimacy and legality of P2OG despite its very concept being rooted in illegitimacy and illegality (37). P2OG raked in billions upon billions of dollars for the Zionist-controlled Pentagon, all of which was used to annihilate Iraq (38). P2OG is still functioning as an intelligence agency, only specializing in false flags.

William J. Schneider Jr.,
Zionist PNAC member
and head of the Defense
 Science Board that created
the P2OG intelligence agency.
The FTZ-P2OG nexus has established a breeding ground for fission field warfare to flourish across occupied Iraq. In the new year, the false flag terror campaign has been stepped up substantially, following a strict ‘sectarian’ pattern. A blast inside a chicken coop claimed the lives of two children in Diyala while an explosion murdered an ex-Jaysh al-Mahdi militiaman and his brother in al-Nasiriyah (39). Three simultaneous blasts in Baghdad murdered 2 innocents and wounded 13 others. The Shia Husseiniya mosque, the Sunni Abdul Qadir Gilani mosque and the Sunni al-Assaf mosque were the targets (40). A massive explosion ripped through a police recruitment site in Tikrit and slaughtered over 54 innocents and wounded 150 others (41). 15 people were murdered and 64 others were severely wounded when twin explosions tore into a security station in Baquba (42).

Multiple blasts including twin explosions in Karbala targeted Shia pilgrims on the holy day of Arba’een, murdering at least 50 and injuring over 150 others (43). A string of explosions in Baghdad claimed 8 lives, including Shia pilgrims and two teenagers (44). 18 more innocents were murdered in Karbala and 34 others were wounded when twin blasts rocked the neighborhood of al-Ibrahimiyah (45). And quite possibly the most heinous attack of all, was when a giant blast targeted the funeral of a Shia sheikh in the Shula district of Baghdad, murdering 80 innocents, including 11 children, and wounded 120 others (46). The method of murder in every single terrorist act, against Shia and Sunni alike, was a car bomb (in one case, an ambulance bomb) or an IED, or both.

Signature weapons of Israel. The benefactor of every drop of Iraqi blood shed was the Zionist entity.

The Zionist entity employs Fission Field Warfare
in occupied Iraq to tear it apart, preparing it for
colonization as 'Greater Israel.'
Replicating the Dragon Policy that frames ‘Al-Qaeda’ and the Taliban for attacks on the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the Zionist media blamed the new years assault which has claimed hundreds of innocent Iraqi lives on “any number of Shia factions (47).” Never will it be mentioned by the Zionist media that thousands of Mossad agents and assets of the Israeli military establishment operate within occupied Iraq (48), engaging in fission field warfare to tear the once-strong Sunni-Shia unity apart.

The origin point for the Zionist entity’s genocidal new years campaign in occupied Iraq is two-pronged. Firstly, with the well-known “deadline” approaching for the US to withdraw all of its armed forces from Iraq, the Zionist entity bombarded the people, unleashing fission throughout every community in Iraq, to convince Iraqis that the already weak puppet government is incapable of protecting them; that the Iraqis need an occupying presence to maintain order in their nation. Hence self-admitted Zionist Joe Biden’s recent trip to Baghdad focusing on the extension of an American presence in occupied Iraq (49). Though the fantasy of the occupation coming to a close at the end of 2011 was never taken seriously, the January mass murder frenzy, which has been frenetically promoted by the Zionist media, will make it easier for the public to believe the fairy tale.

Secondly, the current batch of fission field warfare operations was meant to keep disgraced ex-Resistance leader Muqtada al-Sadr in check. Al-Sadr recently arrived back in Iraq after a self-imposed exile in the Islamic Republic of Iran. He didn’t return to lead the Iraqi people against the occupying powers in armed rebellion however. He returned to swear allegiance to his one-time enemy, Nouri al-Maliki. Muqtada al-Sadr’s movement sealed the deal for the Maliki government to remain in power, granting longevity to a regime that is devoid of any connection to the Iraqi people; a regime of war criminals, thieves and murderers unabashedly subservient to Israeli, American and British interests. He sold out the Iraqi people that looked to him as a hero for 40 seats in parliament and 8 ministries (50).

Muqtada al-Sadr sold out the
Iraqi people to the occupation.
He is now being humiliated
 by the Zionist entity.
Since al-Sadr returned, relations with Maliki have been tense at best. Maliki threatened al-Sadr with an old arrest warrant and rumors are abound that he has left Iraq again; fleeing to either Iran or Lebanon (51). Mossad’s bombings, especially in areas where al-Sadr has a multitude of support like Karbala and the Shula district of Baghdad, serve as a reminder to al-Sadr that his days of Resistance are over, and he is fully under the control of the Zionist Power Configuration. Whether Muqtada stays on the six-pointed-star-patterned strings of the oppressors and exists as a stooge within the corrupt Iraqi government remains to be seen. The evidence certainly suggests that he is content as a traitor.

With Iraqi journalists being offered exuberant payment plans or persecution by the brutal Maliki-Talabani regime (52), mainstream media owned by Zionists and alternative media infiltrated by gatekeepers who refuse to tell the truth about Iraq, 9/11 or the intelligence operation known as Wikileaks (53), it seems that the ugliness of Zionism’s fission field warfare tearing Iraq to pieces for nearly 8 years now will remain in a black hole of obscurity. Unless the eyes of the world are opened by what is so blatantly right in front of them.

Hostile Environment III: Failure In Egypt

Muslims and Christians are standing together
against Zion's Fission Field Warfare in Egypt.
“From the Nile to the Euphrates.” Iraq and Egypt are forever linked through the delusional, Talmudic dream of ‘Greater Israel,’ the pinnacle and ultimate goal of international Zionism. A Zionist utopia devoid of democracy, freedom and reality. The destabilization of Egypt has been laid out in detail by Oded Yinon, former senior Israeli foreign policy advisor, in the same document laying out the blueprints for the annihilation and annexation of Iraq. Similar to the ‘sectarian’ plan for Iraq, Israel wants to crack Egypt in half, splitting Muslims, Christians and other ethno-religious minorities into ‘distinct geographical regions.’

Mossad bombed al-Qiddisin church
in Alexandria on New Years Day
to create a schism between
Egypt's Muslims and Christians.
On New Years Day, a massive explosion claimed the lives of 25 Coptic Christians at al-Qiddissin Church in Alexandria, Egypt. At least 97 others were wounded, including several Muslims. While the regime of the Zionist dictator Hosni Mubarak attempted to blame the attack on a suicide bomber belonging to the fictional monolith known as Al-Qaeda, this lie collapsed when it was uncovered the weapon used in the murderous operation was a car bomb, validating Mossad’s signature in the ‘sectarian’ attack. Mubarak’s infamous (and savage) security forces collaborated with the Zionist entity in the bloodshed, withdrawing from al-Qiddissin only an hour before the car bomb exploded, granting Israeli operatives the opportune time needed to plant the explosives and vanish (54).
Staying true to the Dragon Policy, the official line from the Israeli-owned Mubarak regime now blames an enemy of the Zionist entity for the bombing, the Army of Islam, a Palestinian Resistance movement in illegally besieged Gaza. The Interior Ministry cited “conclusive evidence (55),” which obviously, doesn’t exist.

The origin point of this barbarity is on display for the entire world to see; an event that isn’t only shaking the Arab world to its roots, but the globe itself: The Egyptian Revolution. The Zionist entity attempted to drum up enough sectarianism to incite a communal war in Egypt, quelling the possibility of this historic movement of people power. The false flag bombing was designed to salvage the waning Israeli stranglehold on Egypt, and strike back at Egyptians for uncovering another of its infamous spy rings (56) while ensuring a media blackout on the Mubarak regime robbing the Muslim Brotherhood in the latest round of parliamentary elections (57). This backfired completely, unifying the Egyptian people instead; to a degree that superceded the worst nightmare of the most abysmally hawkish Zionist.
Egyptians have gathered in Cairo's Tahrir Square in
the millions since January 25th
in a historic revolutionary display.
After the bombing, Muslim and Christian leaders met in friendship, and stood together in a powerful display of understanding and solidarity (58), reaffirming the warmness and harmony that the two communities have always had (59). The solidarity deepened six days after Mossad’s sanguinary false flag attack, when thousands of Muslims joined their Christian brothers for Christmas Mass, offering themselves as human shields to protect their fellow Egyptians (60). This precious unity, transcended solidarity and transformed into an unbreakable, unshakable armor when the Revolution began on January 25th, the “Day of Rage.” Invoking the Zionist entity’s darkest fears, Muslims and Christians have marched through the streets together from the very beginning, chanting “We are all Egyptians (61)!”

The usurping supremacist entity has admitted that a revolution in Egypt would be a “loss” for its Zionist empire of colonialist expansionism (62). Benjamin Netanyahu, the war criminal and mass murderer, exhibited his typical racism but with an underlying hint of fear, “We believe Egypt is going to overcome the current wave of demonstrations, but we have to look to the future. Having said that, I’m not sure the time is right for the Arab region to go through the democratic process (63).” So says the illegitimate entity that calls itself ‘the only democracy in the Middle East.’ Zionism’s feelings of cynicism and apprehension are based on the idea that a revolutionary leadership would cut it off from gas supplies that Israel has secured from collaborators in Egypt for over 30 years, as well as damage a massive $10-billion deal that Zionist firms signed with Mubarak in December of 2010 (64).

Avi Dichter suggested the "isolation" of Egypt
to prepare the Arab nation for annexation in
the Zionist entity's 'Greater Israel' scheme.
Former director of Shin Bet and war criminal Avi Dichter issued an enormously disturbing speech on May 26th, 2010 to the Israeli National Security Research Center, arrogantly pinpointing Zionist successes in occupied Iraq. However, the iniquitous offering did briefly touch on Egypt. The following excerpt is essential to understanding the efforts being pursued by the Zionist entity and its lapdogs within the US government to crush the Egyptian Revolution, “Weakening and isolating Iraq is no less important than weakening and isolating (neutralizing) Egypt. Weakening and isolating (neutralizing) Egypt has been done by diplomatic methods while everything has been done to achieve a complete and comprehensive isolation of Iraq (65).”

The Zionist regime made one last ditch attempt to resurrect and subsequently sustain its fission field warfare in Egypt, sending three planes full of illegal gas to Mina International Airport in Cairo to be used by Mubarak’s security forces on unarmed protesters (66). An Israeli minister told Egypt to “exercise force, power in the street” to demolish the uprising and restore the old order that adheres to Zionism (67). Mubarak obliged with an ‘exercising of force,’ deploying his brutal secret police into the street in plain clothes, ordering them to pose as ‘pro-government’ protesters. They attacked the unarmed revolutionary demonstrators with meat cleavers, fire bombs, knives, chains and clubs (68), saving the Israeli-delivered weapons for a ‘final showdown’ of sorts. Since the beginning of the Revolution, at least 300 protesters have been murdered (69), and over 5,000 other protesters have been wounded, many of them critically (70).

Egyptians haven’t been discouraged in the slightest by the Zionist Mubarak regime’s brutality. Millions have taken to the streets on several occasions since the Revolution began nearly two weeks ago. Realizing this, the Israeli occupiership set aside its fission field warfare goals and directed its attention towards Avi Dichter’s May 2010 speech, invoking the political wing of the Fracture Theory of Zion (FTZ) to put the people’s Revolution to sleep once and for all.

Mohamed ElBaradei is not a friend of the Egyptian
people. He is a stooge of the
Zionist-controlled International Crisis Group.
Firstly, the Zionist entity and its vast globalist network sought to penetrate the opposition. Enter ‘opposition figure’ Mohamed ElBaradei, hated across the region for ‘warmly’ shaking hands with multiple Israeli war criminals and relentlessly promoted by corporate Arab media heavyweights Al Jazeera and Al-Arabiya (71). ElBaradei is being presented as a man with an immense amount of credibility because he ‘slammed’ the West for presenting exaggerated reports about the Islamic Republic of Iran’s nuclear program (72), while calling the illegal Israeli nuclear arsenal the ‘greatest threat to the region (73).’ However, ElBaradei has also gone on the record to state that, ‘My gut feeling is that Iran definitely would like to have the technology that would enable it to have nuclear weapons if they decided to do so (74),” giving credence to the Zionist narrative which has spread en masse for nearly a decade.

Despite his harsh rhetoric towards the Zionist entity’s nukes, it must be treated as just that: rhetoric. ElBaradei has attacked Hamas, the Palestinian Resistance movement in occupied Gaza, as ‘radical (75),’ and is also a supporter of the apartheid two-state solution based on the ‘1967-borders (76),’ a full blown endorsement of the Zionist ethnic cleansing operation known as al-Nakba. ElBaradei has also said that a democratic Egypt becoming anti-Israel or anti-US in its foreign policy was nothing but “hype and fiction (77).”

The righteous people of Egypt consider dictator
Hosni Mubarak an agent of Israel.
This in and of itself is a contradiction of what the Egyptian people want. The revolutionaries have staged mock hangings of Mubarak dolls with an Israeli six-pointed star drawn on its chest (78), written graffiti on US corporate establishments that label Mubarak as a US client (79), displayed posters of Mubarak with Israeli stars all over his face (80) and in a moment of true historical precedent, forced the Zionist entity to take down its flag at the Israeli embassy in Cairo and evacuate all of its staff (81). Egyptians have absolutely had enough of Mubarak’s kowtowing to Zionism’s every whim, whether the orders are barked from occupied Palestine or the Israeli Lobby’s stomping grounds in Washington D.C. Mubarak is a wolf. ElBaradei is a wolf in blue-and-white sheep’s clothing.

Due to his “critical remarks” about the Zionist entity and his “support” for Iran, Zionist war criminal Phillip Zelikow, the man responsible for covering up Mossad’s false flag attack on 9/11 with the absurd ‘9/11 Commission Report (82),’ suggested that the US should support ElBaradei by pretending that it doesn’t like him (83). Why has ElBaradei been chosen over any other collaborator on the long list of collaborators in the possession of Zion and its worldwide network of cronies? Because ElBaradei serves on the board of trustees at the International Crisis Group, a globalist giant funded by the Carnegie Foundation, the Ford Foundation and internationalist Zionist criminal George Soros’ Open Society Institute. Soros, along with global power broker Zbigniew Brzezinski also sit on the board (84). The International Crisis Group was founded by Morton I. Abramowitz, PNAC member, CFR member and ardent Zionist (85).

Omar Suleiman (left) is a notorious
brute, torturer and Zionist traitor.
He is known as
Mossad's and CIA's man in Egypt.
While Tel Aviv’s agents attempted to manipulate the people from the shadows, it demanded from its ‘allies’ in the United States and European Union to tone down the anti-Mubarak rhetoric and support the dictator (86). The Zionist-owned Obama administration followed suit, offering its full support to a ‘transitional’ government led by Omar Suleiman, whom Hosni Mubarak appointed Vice President of Egypt (87). What Israel wants is a ‘Mubarakite’ Egypt, even without Mubarak. Suleiman serves this agenda gratuitously. He vehemently despises the Palestinian Resistance in occupied Gaza and has close ties to Mossad, Shin Bet and Aman. Suleiman is also a good friend of ex-Mossad chief Shabtai Shavit, and they routinely talk via phone about their children and grandchildren (88). How pathetically and disgustingly touching.

Suleiman is the chief Egyptian collaborator in assisting the Zionist entity with its crippling siege against Gaza, and has been personally thanked by genocidal Zionist madman Avigdor Lieberman for his treason (89). And arguably the most notable part of Suleiman’s lengthy and brutal collaborationist resume: his senior role in the CIA’s exceptionally illegal Rendition program, which under his watch, left dozens of innocent Muslim men tortured and psychologically ruined (90). Torture hasn’t stopped since the Revolution commenced either, as police under the direct orders of Suleiman and new Interior Minister Mahmoud Wagdy, former head of the Egyptian Prison Authority (91), have engaged in repeated acts of barbarity against protesters (92). The revolutionaries of Egypt mustn’t lose; an Egypt controlled by Zionist war criminal Omar Suleiman would be aeons worse than an Egypt controlled by Mubarak.

Due to their dignity and their steadfastness, Egyptians overcame Israel’s fission field warfare and left it in a heap of failure. They are now fighting the Fracture Theory of Zion head on, and as millions continue to pour into the streets daily (93), they are overcoming it as well. While the Zionist criminal network maneuvers in the open and in the shadows to politically influence the ‘game-changing’ events in Egypt, Egyptians themselves reject a future controlled by foreign interests and continue to unleash their ire at the illegitimate Israeli entity and the Zionist-owned US government (94). Racist war criminal MK Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, who has a close friendship with Hosni Mubarak has gravely insulted the Egyptian people by stating, “I don’t think it is possible for there to be a revolution in Egypt (95).” The Egyptian people are proving him, and every other Zionist and Mubarak supporter wrong at this very moment: a revolution in Egypt isn’t only possible. It’s happening.

Conclusion: The Wikileaks Hydra and Reality 

Julian Assange is the leading head
of the Israeli intelligence
Hydra known as Wikileaks.

 As aforementioned in the section regarding Israel’s fission field warfare against occupied Iraq, the Fracture Theory of Zion has incorporated an infiltration wing into its foundation, to penetrate opposition and subvert it or destroy it, whichever will better serve the global agenda of Zionism. In the case of Wikileaks, subversion reigns supreme.

It is has become an impossibility to remain updated on the world’s current events, whether choosing the Zionist-owned mainstream media as your provider, or the alternative media, without hearing the name of Wikileaks or its ‘founder,’ Julian Assange. Vociferously promoted by the Zionist media and despicably worshiped as the idol of choice by the alternative media, Wikileaks now permeates every aspect of ‘information age’ journalism. While both media spheres will lead their readers and viewers to believe that Wikileaks is a whistleblower of the utmost dignity, honor and integrity, as well as an organization that thrives on truth and the exposure of corruption, this is a lie of the most monstrous proportions. In reality, Wikileaks is an Israeli intelligence operation coordinating attacks against ‘anti-Zionist’ journalists and online publications with known Tel Aviv-intelligence wing, the Anti-Defamation League (96).

Wikileaks has absolved the Zionist entity of any connection to the 2008 ‘terror’ attacks in Mumbai, despite all evidence confirming the fingerprints of Mossad, CIA and India’s RAW collaborating in a deadly false flag paramilitary operation. Instead, it blames the Pakistani government and Pakistani ‘Jihadi terrorists (97).’ 

The Wikileaks 'whistleblower' fraud has
been a vital asset to the CIA and Mossad.

 Wikileaks claims that Hamas, the Islamic Resistance of Gaza, broke the ceasefire in 2008 which provided the pretext for Operation Cast Lead, not the Zionist entity. Additionally, Wikileaks has accused Hamas of using human shields, though the only use of human shields that has ever been recorded is by Israeli occupation forces. Wikileaks claims that the Hindutva entity of India is a major force for peace in occupied Kashmir, not an illegal occupier and notorious violator of human rights. Wikileaks heinously claims that Syrians assassinated former Lebanese Premier Rafiq Hariri, and not Mossad through its signature car bomb. And quite possibly, the most horrifically false claim of all, Wikileaks says Israel has no ‘assets’ in occupied Iraq, though Iraq is corroded with Mossad’s presence from north to south, east to west (98).

The most successful product of Zionist criminal Cass Sunstein’s cyber COINTELPRO, Wikileaks has served the illegitimate Israeli state’s international agenda flawlessly. Any major story that needs to be buried by the Zionist media can easily be done by using a Wikileaks falsehood-ridden scandal. Latest on Israel’s hitlist, is the Egyptian Revolution and its righteous organizers. Right on schedule, Wikileaks arrives on the scene with a means of discrediting the movement, its people, its methods and its motives. According to the latest documents dumped by Julian Assange’s organization, the United States backed the ‘pro-democracy’ groups that have organized the massive protests against Mubarak in Egypt (99). Not only have Zion’s gatekeepers swallowed this abomination of the truth and regurgitated it to their followers, well-respected journalists who were instrumental in exposing Wikileaks for the intel-op that it is, have also bought into this pathetic theory.

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah recently addressed this exact issue in his most recent speech, emotionally displaying full solidarity with the Egyptian people, “The worst accusation against this complete humanitarian and political intifada is that American intelligence has incited the Egyptian youth against the regime. Even more, it is a grave insult and an injustice to the youth of Egypt to claim that their movement is directed by the US. Who would imagine that the US would topple such a loyal ally working day and night to protect Washington’s interests and projects? It is illogical (100).”

Unlike disposed puppet dictators like Manuel Noriega, Saddam Hussein and Jonas Savimbi of Angola, all of whom began operating in their own interests, instead of the interests of their American and Israeli puppet masters, Mubarak and his regime have catered to Washington and Tel Aviv in an unimaginable manner. The Sayyed hit the nail directly on its head; the insinuation that this populist revolution is the work of intelligence agencies or Western governments is not only an insult and an injustice to the Egyptian people, it is not only illogical, but it is absolutely asinine. To this very moment, as Sayyed Nasrallah stated in the same speech, the Zionist entity and its criminal network are fighting tooth and nail to undermine the people’s Revolution, and keep Mubarak in power.
The latest round of the Wiki-Hydra’s Zionist poison is directed at the courageous, revolutionary protesters of Egypt for one reason: to convince all of the people in the Middle East living under US-backed, Zionist-funded dictatorships, including those Egyptians who are yet to take to the streets with their brethren, that revolution isn’t possible. That Resistance isn’t possible. That assembling for an honorable cause isn’t possible because all honorable causes have been hijacked by the usurping entity of Zion and its eternal supply of cronies. Israel has underestimated the Arabs however. It has underestimated their steadfastness, their dignity, their righteousness, their Godwariness, their love of country and their willingness to sacrifice their very lives for freedom.

Arab unity absolutely petrifies the Zionist entity.
It is the antithesis to Israel's Fission Field Warfare.

 Protesters have taken to the streets in Yemen, Jordan, Lebanon, occupied Iraq, Bahrain and occupied Palestine in solidarity with the people of Egypt in defiance of apathy and the Zionist entity’s manipulation. And while Mubarak’s heavyweight American lobbyists try to secure more aid from the US Congress (101), Zionist ideologues go back and forth attempting to present a legitimate two-sided discourse on Egypt, though they are simply preserving Israel’s point of view (102), and mass murdering war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu threatens the world with another racist diatribe about the rise of an “Islamist” Egypt (103), Egyptians continue their calls for the end of Mubarak in Ismailia, Mahalla, Suez, Alexandria, Mansoura and of course, Tahrir Square in the capital city of Cairo as if the powers that be and the cancer of Zionism that governs them didn’t exist. Upper Egypt, including the cities of Kharga and Assiut, has also joined the revolt (104).

Knowledge is what transforms a sleeping people into an unbreakable force of Resistance. It snatches them from their dream state and catapults them into the battlefield of reality. Egyptians are well aware of their cold, hard, dictatorial reality and subservience to it has disappeared as a viable option for them. This awakening is the model that needs to be duplicated in occupied Iraq, Pakistan and every other nation victimized by the supremacist entity of Israel’s fission field warfare.

An awakened populace, determined to achieve revolution, can take the Zionist entity’s Fracture Theory and fracture it into an infinite number of pieces, rendering its restoration impossible. An Iraqi-Egyptian-Pakistani union, fully backed and controlled by the will of the people, will not just disrupt the Zionist entity’s plans, but decimate them.

Revolution in its purest form is the end of oppression and the beginning of freedom. Once Mubarak falls at the hands of the Egyptian people, so falls his oppression. Freedom from tyranny isn’t the aspiration of all men. It is a gift that man is born with and one that cannot be usurped by any power, no matter how perceivably powerful. As the great anti-apartheid activist Steven Biko said, “The most potent weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.” A revolutionary mind state is the bitter enemy of the oppressor.

In a revolution, the oppressed transcend from the downtrodden and the exploited to the champions of a nation reborn. Egypt is being reborn right now. And in its transcendence, the oppressors are being burned in the blaze of revolutionary champions who refuse to be humiliated ever again.

~ The End ~

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Source: Mask of Zion

Jonathan Azaziah is an Iraqi, Moroccan-Hebrew, Russian MC, poet, activist and writer from Brooklyn, New York currently residing in Florida. His articles, poems and music predominantly deal with international Zionism and the effects that it has on the world’s oppressed people. His mixtape, Take The Red Pill Volume 2: Disarm The Octopus will be available for download soon. He can be reached at: His work can be found on Mask of Zion

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