Monday 5 April 2010

I want to the World a Palestinian Tale

Sister Nahida

assalamu alaikum

Thank you for witing to me, I am very sorry for posting your work under the Name of (Dr. Majed Aref. My name is not Majed Afref, and I don't know anybody with such name.
Most Likely, I got it by e-mail.
I did a little search and found that your work is puplished at many sites (Check the links below), without the Author's name, and Puplished also under the name of (Khader Deeb Alkhaldi).

It my pleasure to pump the post with correction.

Dear Uprooted Palestinian

assalamu alaikum

I don't know if you remember me, nahida (poetry for palestine blog) and used to be a PTT contributorI got your email from Gilad, who is sending his salam and love to you

I am writing to you to say that it saddens me to see my work published on your website under someone else's name (dr.majed aref )

That piece was my own poem first published on Palestinian Mothers (now deleted) then on TLAXCALA

I have no problem whatsoever if you want to publish any of my work, papers, or poetry, but please give credit and refrence to the link, and publish it in the name of the author (nahida the exiled Palestinian)sorry to trouble you with this, but this is an important matter and I am sure you appreciate thatmany thanks in advance


AUTHOR: Nahida IZZAT ناهدة عزة

أريد أن أخبر العالم قصة فلسطينية

 عن بيت وقنديل مكسور
About a home with a broken lantern

عن لعبتي المحروقة
And a burnt doll

عن نزهة لم نتمتع بها
About a picnic that wasn’t enjoyed

عن كيفية قتل الزنبقة
About an axe that killed a tulip

عن النار التي حرقت الجديلة
A story about a fire that consumed a plait

عن الدمعة التي لم تنهمر
a story about a tear that couldn't run down

عن قصة العنزة التي لم تحلب
I want to tell a story about a goat that wasn’t milked

عن عجين لاجئين لم يخبز
About a mother’s dough that wasn’t baked

عن عرس لم يحتفل به
About a wedding that wasn’t celebrated

وعن طفلة لم يسمحوا لها بأن تنمو وتكبر
And a baby girl that didn’t grow up

وعن كرة قدم لم تقذف
About a football that wasn’t kicked

وعن حمامة السلام قتلتها دبابة قتلة الأنبياء
About a dove that didn’t fly

قصة مفتاح لم يستعمل من زمان طويل
I want to tell a story about a key
that wasn’t used

عن كتاب الله وماذا حصل له
About a book that wasn’t read

عن حقل ومزرعة العجوز
وعن فاكهتها التي لم تجنى
About a besieged lonely farm 
And about its fruits that weren’t picked
وعن كذبة السلام
About a lie that wasn't discovered

وعن مسجد دمر
And a mosque that no longer stands

وقصة الأجيال القادمة
والتي ستحررك يا فلسطين
About a stone that faced a tank

وعن علم عربي فلسطيني عنيد
يرفض أن ينكس
And about a stubborn flag
that refuses to lie down

فلنبدأ باشعال شمعة لانارة الطريق
لتحرير لفلسطين
Now light a little candle
for Palestine

شعاع نور
لانارة ظلمة الليالي الداكنة
وجبروت الظلام
في هذا العالم
فيا أيها العالم
هل سمعت قصتي ؟

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من :ايميل وردني

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