Thursday 6 May 2010

Flotilla to arrive in Gaza on three stages

[ 06/05/2010 - 10:20 AM ]

GAZA, (PIC)-- MP Jamal Al-Khudari, the head of the popular committee against the siege, has quoted sources in the international alliance organizing the sea voyage to Gaza as saying that the biggest siege breaking Flotilla of ships is to arrive in Gaza on three stages.

He said in a statement on Thursday that the first ship would head from Ireland to Greece on 12/5.

On 22/5 all eight vessels would set sail from Greece and Turkey at the same time and would reach the Cypriot coasts by 26/5 and the next day would head to Gaza, Khudari elaborated.

He noted that the participants were adamant on reaching Gaza and would not return back under any Israeli threat, adding that they are equipped with necessary needs to allow them to remain steadfast for a long period in the event they were besieged by Israeli gunboats at sea.

The international alliance comprises the free Gaza movement, the Turkish IHH relief foundation, along with Malaysian, Greek, Irish and other European institutions. The flotilla carries medical and relief assistance along with prefabricated homes and solidarity activists from 20 countries.

Break siege ships to head to Turkey, Greece then Gaza, Khudari hails step

[ 05/05/2010 - 06:51 PM ]

BRUSSELS, (PIC)-- European vessels loaded with relief material to the Gaza Strip would first head to Greece and Turkey in mid May to group with other boats boarded by solidarity activists en route to Gaza.

Anwar Gharbi, member of the Brussels-based European campaign to end the siege on Gaza, said in a press release on Wednesday that three big cargo ships would set sail from Europe in mid May.

He added that five other transport boats would carry around 600 solidarity activists and European MPs from 20 countries and would together with the cargo ships head from Cyprus coasts to Gaza.

The cargo ships are carrying more than five thousand tons of relief material, prefabricated homes, cement, medicines, and equipment for individuals of special needs, Garbi elaborated.

A Swiss MP taking part in the sea voyage said that the flotilla would head to Gaza regardless of pressures and threats and would not return back until the assistance on board is delivered.

Israel is not authorized to intercept the flotilla at international waters or else its act would be deemed as international piracy, he said, adding that the world should wake up to the fact that one and a half million humans are living under inhumane conditions in Gaza.

For his part, Palestinian MP Jamal Al-Khudari said that sea is a legitimate and legal route to channel Gaza humanitarian needs such as food along with medical, construction and raw materials.

He said in a press release on Wednesday that it was a natural right for Gaza to receive aid via sea route and the UN and the world community should bring Israel to account if it intercepted any of the humanitarian convoys to Gaza.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

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