Friday, 6 August 2010

Turkish Mavi Marmara ship starts journey home

[ 06/08/2010 - 11:29 AM ]


The Israeli occupation authorities allowed the Turkish Mavi Marmara ship to sail back home two months after the Israeli navy stormed it and killed nine Turkish human rights activists.

Turkish sources confirmed the sailing of Marmara in company with another smaller ship of the Freedom Flotilla towards the Turkish port of Eskandarona in clear Israeli bowing to the “unshaken” determination owners of the ship who refused to sign any Israeli imposed conditions for the release of the ship.

Owners of the ships refused earlier Israeli offer to return the ships on condition they won’t try to break the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip in the future, and insisted their ships must be returned without conditions.

A statement issued by the Israeli war ministry explained that Israel decided to return back the eight Flotilla ships with luggage and personal belongings of the activists who were on board of those ships.

However, the ministry refused to give details on the fate of the remaining shipment that the flotilla was carrying to deliver to the besieged people of the Gaza Strip, adding that parts of the shipments pose a “national security threat”.

The shipment, according to the activist, included flour, toys for children, school materials, foodstuff, and construction materials. Three Turkish tugs were sent to haul Marmara and sisters.

In May, 31, 2010, scores of Israeli navy soldiers stormed the peaceful flotilla in a bid to stop it from reaching the shores of the besieged Gaza Strip, and carried out an ugly massacre against hundreds of foreign activists, mostly from Turkey.

At least nine activists, all Turkish nationals, were killed and dozens others were wounded in the massacre. The attack drew wide-speared condemnation across the world and severed the Turkish-Israeli diplomatic ties.

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