Thursday, 30 September 2010

Hamas hosts meeting for 11 factions on Palestinian developments

[ 30/09/2010 - 09:34 AM ]
DAMASCUS, (PIC)-- Khaled Mishaal, the political bureau chairman of Hamas, hosted in his office a meeting for 11 Palestinian factions on Wednesday night to discuss current Palestinian developments and national reconciliation.

The meeting attended by Ramadan Shallah, secretary general of Islamic Jihad, and representatives of other factions, also tackled the negotiations process between Israel and the Ramallah authority along with other hot topics on the Palestinian arena.

The Israeli military escalation on Gaza, persistence in colonialist policy in the West Bank, and Judaization of occupied Jerusalem while Ramallah continues the negotiations process threw their shadows on the meeting.

The Palestinian factions in a previous meeting rejected the direct talks between Ramallah and Israel, warning that the process covered Israeli aggressive intention in the region and provided a lifeboat for Israel's isolation on the international level.

The meeting also follows last week's meeting between Fatah and Hamas in Damascus that witnessed a breakthrough in solving several pending issues spreading optimism among other factions that a near reconciliation agreement would be forged ending the internal Palestinian division.

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