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Al-Akhbar: Israel Pushing Lebanon “Friends” to Take Drastic Options

Al-Akhbar: Israel Pushing Lebanon “Friends” to Take Drastic Options

01/10/2010 The Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar said Friday that preparations are underway to print tens of thousands of posters for “four people who will soon be politically accused,” to be used in the protests that will take place in Lebanon, should the situation remains unchanged.

According to the newspaper, slogans like “we want the truth” will entail the pictures of former Telecommunications Minister Marwan Hmedeh, Information Branch Chief Wissam Hasan, Internal Security Forces General Director Ashraf Rifi, and General Attorney Said Mirza. “There will be other slogans that will demand truth behind who financed, planned, fabricated, and sent the false witnesses to the Special Tribunal for Lebanon,” it added.

The daily pointed out that “the planned sit-ins will take place in down town Beirut to protest inaction against the false witnesses and to denounce what some local forces are seeking to implicate Hezbollah and the resistance in the 2005 assassination of former PM Rafiq Hariri.”

“The Grand Serail will fall under a new siege and the prime minister will be punished for everything he should have done, from committing to the pledges he and his entourage had cut - namely Nader Hariri and Wissam Hasan - to Syria and Hezbollah, and for every comment he made before leaderships from both political camps and later disavowed,” the newspaper said.

It added: “The prime minister will have two choices: To join the neo-defeated camp in the White House, the Pentagon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon, or to keep his post and fulfill at least part of what he had pledged and what his position requires from him.”

“Today in Egypt, that is busy in inheriting the regime, some are still pushing our prime minister to the abyss and this has been illustrated by FM Ahmed Abul Gheit when he reiterated that the STL has Egypt’s full support, or through what some well informed sources have said about arming and equipping some of the most obstinate groups in Lebanon and delivering ammunition stamped with the initials A.R.E..

In Saudi Arabia, there are some who do not want to lose in both Iraq and Lebanon, and therefore, they are still maneuvering with Syria and Iran to try to ease down the impact of the loss. On the other hand, others are standing at the right wing of King Abdullah and see Saudi Arabia’s interest is in pushing Lebanon into civil war so that they can gain the Sunnis to their side in the conflict with the Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, and Hamas axis.”

In all of this, according to the newspaper, Israel sees a golden opportunity that could approximate the time set to swoop down Lebanon and Syria, “so they [Israelis] are rushing their Lebanese friends to push Lebanon towards drastic options.”

Al-Akhbar also said that Hezbollah had sent two messages when it received former Security General Chief Jamil Sayyed at the airport.
“The first was that the time of apprehending and jailing senior security officers had ended.

The second is that inaction on the issue of false witnesses on the one hand and adopting the Der Spiegel report, which Information Branch Chief Wissam Hasan is accused of fabricating, will lead to a breakdown in the state and the government and to the diminution of the institutional influence on the most important public utilities in the country.
It also shows the West and the world that bargaining on a government led by Hariri or Fouad Saniora who stands behind him, is doomed to failure.”

“Saudi Arabia did not get what it wanted in Iraq. Syrian President Bachar Assad will head to Iran to discuss the final steps with regards to forming an Iraqi government, which will not be in Riyadh interest. The Saudi kingdom did not get what it wanted in Lebanon as well, despite all the money spent and wasted in Qoraitem [PM Hariri’s headquarters]…

In case the Syrian president succeeded in preserving a foothold for Saudi Arabia in Iraq, this would have a positive impact represented in a new Lebanese prime minister convenient for moderate Arabs. However, in case Saudi Arabia lost everything in Iraq, the current Lebanese Prime Minister might not spend his holyday in Sardinia, but at the Grand Serail where he will be surrounded by thousands of angry protesters.”

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