Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Israeli court rules boy should be removed from his home

[ 29/09/2010 - 10:58 AM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)-- Palestinian human rights activists called the decision by the Israeli Ofer court to fine and impose a forced removal of a Palestinian child from his home “a dangerous precedent.”

The Palestinian Prisoners Society said an Israeli judge decided to release Karam Khaled Da’na, 13, on a NIS 2000 bond, but military personnel strongly objected to the decision.

The court then ruled one of the strangest military decisions in its history that Da’na should be removed from his family’s home until legal proceedings against him were finished, as he was released on bail until the next hearing.

Da’na was arrested a few days back in front of the school he attends in Al-Khalil for allegedly throwing stones at settlers and Israeli soldiers.

“Prosecuting the minor Da’na does not represent any legitimate law and is not based on any ethical standards, and disregards all international conventions and agreements that prohibit detaining and prosecuting minors,” the PPS said.

The rights group said the Israeli court is the only one in the world that has legalized detaining and prosecuting 12-year-old children, based on the Military Order No. 132 and Military Order 53.

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