Friday, 1 October 2010

Egyptian FM: No World Power Can Stop STL or Annul Indictment

01/10/2010 Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit said the Special Tribunal for Lebanon will do its work in line with the UN Security Council resolution, pointing out that "not any world political power or the United Nations can stop the work of the STL prosecutor."

"Nor can they order the UN Secretary General to stop (STL) funding or instruct the Security Council to annul its decision," Abul Gheit said in remarks published Friday by pan-Arab daily Al-Hayat.

"I'm not sure what is behind this campaign on the Court," he said. "There are dangers surrounding Lebanon."

"Egypt and Jordan arming Lebanon's Salafis to counter Hezbollah ..."


"...Senior Arab Democratic Party member Rifat Ali Eid said, "We are heading towards destruction as a result of outside intervention aimed at increasing communal tensions (between Shiites and Sunnis) that may ignite the entire Lebanese arena."
Eid accused Egypt and Jordan of inciting against the Shiites and spurring anti-Hezbollah elements. He said more Salafi movement members reside in northern Lebanon than in any other region in the Middle East.
"We have information indicating that some of the movement's members are training in north Lebanon before departing for Cyprus and Jordan to carry out terror attacks in Europe as well," Eid said.
The Salafi movement is linked to al-Qaeda...."
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