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Israel’s Berber (Amazigh) card to fight Islam

“The rise of Nazism and Hitler to power was never, or almost never, opposed by the Zionist prior to the establishment of Israel,” William James Martin in “Zionism for Dummies”.

Ever since, Zionists’ success in occupying an Arab land with the help of Western Christians who had been trying to solve their “Jewish Problem” – Israelis have been cultivating brotherly bonds with every community which hate Muslims religiously or politically – from extremist Hindus in India to Kurds in Iraq and from Sudan to Berbers (Amazigh) in North Africa. The World Zionist Movement leaders have always considered (rightfully) Islam and Islamic Brotherhood (Ummah) as the greatest resistance to their dream of Eretz (Greater) Israel.

The great majority of the Jewish communities still living in Morocco Algeria and Tunis or immigrated to occupied Palestine – are ethnically North African Berbers who converted to Judaism in the 7th century. The expulsion of Jews from Spain (in 1492 CE) and Portugal (in 1497) brought thousands of new fugitive Berber Jews to Morocco.

In July 2010, a Moroccan Islamic preacher compared Amazigh activities with Zionism. Below watch a video prepared by Israeli propaganda organ, MEMERI, on Amazigh-Israeli Friendship Association.
On September 5, 2010 – Mahmoud Maarouf wrote a research article in Al-Quds Al-Arabi – detailing how the Zionist entity is betting on Amazigh activists in Morocco to keep Arabs and other Muslims divided for the survival of the Zionist entity.

A new Israeli study issued by the Moshe Dayan Center of Tel Aviv University end of last August uncovered a plan to break through the Amazigh movement and exploit it to fasten the normalization with the Arab Maghreb Union. The study pointed out to the fact that the biggest obstacle for confronting normalization in the region are the Islamic and Arab nationalist movements, which exert their pressure on the regimes of the region’s states to stop the march for normalization with Israel, and the Israeli strategy to confront this challenge is represented by “betting on a non-Arab factor” to confront the speech of the Islamic and Arab nationalist movements with a competing speech.
The study suggests four different basic elements for the plan, which is breaking away with the Arab and Islamic heritage and binding it with the Western pattern, and defending its universal values, concentrating on “the actual internal problems”, then discarding away with the idea of hostility towards Israel by founding on the historic and cultural idea of the Israeli and Amazigh rapprochement.
Amazigh activists paid visits to the Zionist entity classifying it as part of the efforts to end enmity towards Israel, and push the chain of normalization among the states of the region as it was declared about forming “solidarity”, “fraternity” and “friendship” societies between the Amazigh and the Jews in Agadir and Al Hoceima.

The study uncovered new givens for the normalization process between Israel and the North African Arab states, and stressed on that Morocco in spite of the War on Lebanon then on Gaza and what followed namely the attack on the Freedom Flotilla, it is still keeping economical and commercial relations with Israel. The study specified the domains in which the Israeli economical relations that are still active with Morocco in security, management, water, technology, solar energy, and tourism, and pointed out that there is a great progress in touristic normalization, confirming that Morocco had achieved a big commercial profit as a result of that.

The study considered that the dispute over the problem concerning Western Sahara hinders Israeli normalization in Algeria, and the Israeli lobby in Washington is exerting pressure to increase US-American assistance in the interest of Morocco, it is also exerting pressure to support the Moroccan status in relation to to Western Sahara”, in order to quicken the progress of normalization so as to go ahead in other paths. The study also suggested that Israel should proceed in solving the problem of Sahara, which shall help it in quickening normalization in Israel and decrease the criticism directed by Algeria against it because of its support to Morocco.

The Moroccan Al-Tajdid newspaper wrote: “There are some various international orientations of various inclinations in their betting, but they share the common aim in strengthening foreign influence, serving the policies of interference and binding themselves with the inclinations of international powers and those revolving in their orbits.”

The newspaper uncovered the details of the Israei’ project to become a party of the equation that was previously concealed, and it bet on the role of the Amazigh narrative in confronting the Arab and Islamic discourse in Morocco, and the availability of civilian activists who has the willingness to take part in the normalization project, the paper says the phenomenon of Amazigh normalization is a marginal and superficial one, and is not different from other types of normalization that target various types of the components and setups of the Moroccan society, except for the availability of a dose of Amazigh excitement.

The paper stressed on that Israeli speech jumps over the facts of history and the realities of Moroccan life, and reflects a total ignorance in the actual realities of the Amazigh, and is trying to spread the illusion of the acceptance of normalization by the Amazihg to be the weak link through which Morocco could be drown into normalization, relying in that on announcements and the behavior of a marginal minority that lacks the legitimacy of representation of the Amazigh or speaking in their name; so betting on that is nothing but betting on a complete failure, that is nothing at the end except being on a weak argument in the Israeli psychological war in the region. (English translation by Adib S. Kawar).

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