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Celebrating 63 years of ethnic cleansing

[ 10/05/2011 - 10:20 PM ]

By Khalid Amayreh in occupied East Jerusalem

Israel is celebrating 63 years of independence these days. However, it would be correct to claim that the Jewish state is also celebrating 63 years of land theft, ethnic cleansing, and oppression systematically and incessantly meted out to the Palestinian people, the indigenous inhabitants of Palestine.

Indeed, had it not been for this slow-motion genocide against the Palestinian people, which many Jewish intellectuals and historians have come to acknowledge and recognize, the kleptomaniac state would most probably never have seen the light of day.

The misbegotten birth of Israel in 1948 was undoubtedly a brutal act of rape perpetrated at the hands Zionist gangs originating from Eastern Europe who brought with them every aspect of the fascist and Stalinist ideologies characterizing that part of the world.

These gangs made sure to imitate, emulate and copy all or most of the genocidal crimes and racist practices committed against Jews in Europe, prompting the first Israeli minister of agriculture, Aharon Zisling, to admit that "we have committed Nazi acts."

The utter depravity and criminality of these Zionist terrorist gangs prompted President Truman to remark that "I fear very much that the Jews are like all underdogs. When they get on the top they are just as intolerant and cruel as the people were to them when they were underneath. I regret this situation very much because my sympathy has always been on their side.”

To whitewash their criminal theft, undoubtedly the grandest in history, the Zionists fabricated the biggest lie in history, concocted all sorts of false narratives about an alleged homeland for the Jews and Jewish peoplehood. Some Zionist Jews, taking advantage of the anti-Semitism taboo in the West especially in the aftermath of the holocaust, were audacious enough to invent the concept of a Jewish race which flies in the face of the facts of biology, genealogy, anthropology and history.

The Zionists, who practice lying as often as they breathe oxygen, would go to any extent to "prove" the "veracity" of the big lie.

For example, when I debated some Zionist fanatics recently about the fact that white Latvian Jews and black Ethiopian Jews obviously couldn't have the same ancestry, e.g. Jacob, the Biblical figure, also known as Israel. But the Zionists wouldn't settle for the truth. They argued that the reason white Jewish Latvians and Russians were so white was because so many Jewish women were raped by the Goyem males of these countries, resulting in these women giving birth to white children.!!!

The truth of the matter is that the Zionist narrative represents the victory of brute power over truth. However, that victory will not last long. Israel will and must meet the same fate of colonialist projects such as the Crusades. Yes, this is not going to happen tomorrow, but it will happen.

Conscientious Jews probably realize that celebrating the arrogation of another people's homeland is not really an authentic victory, certainly not a moral victory. Indeed, people who live in homes belonging to other people, who enjoy the orchards and vineyards belonging to other people expelled at gunpoint, just because they happen to be "non-Chosenites" must either be hopelessly psychotic or hopelessly immoral.

Yet, this is the case with the bulk of Israel's Jews. They came from distant lands to claim a homeland that is not theirs. And when the natives of the Land, the Seminoles, Navahos and Cherokees of Palestine, protested or resisted the organized terror of these East European thugs and invaders, the Zionists called their victims terrorists and anti-Semites.

Zionist Jews would lose their normal composure when we remind the world of the shocking similarity between what the Nazis had done to Jews in the course of the second world war and what the Nazis of our time, the Zionists, have been doing to the Palestinians.

However, let us ask ourselves the following question: Were the Nazis ‘Nazi’ only because they created and used gas chambers to incinerate their Jewish and non-Jewish victims? Would the Nazis have been less evil and therefore ‘less Nazi’ if they had annihilated their victims by way of bullets instead of ovens, or by starving them to death as Israel has been doing to the Palestinians? Besides, if Jews had the right to call the “Exodus Ship” a floating Auschwitz, why is it wrong for the Palestinians to describe as “Nazi” the ongoing extirpation of an entire people from their ancestral homeland? Do Jews have an exclusive right to call their critics and enemies “Nazi” while others, e.g. the Palestinians, don’t have a similar right to call Israeli crimes and criminals “Nazi”?

Sixty-three years ago the Zionists demolished 438 Palestinian villages and poisoned or destroyed wells to ensure that their rightful owners would not return. Today, Zionists keep on behaving more or less along the same traditions, demolishing homes, destroying farms, and narrowing people’s horizons, all with the goal of making them emigrate.

Today in every junior high school in America , students read Anne Frank, while in every high school Elie Wiesel’s ‘Night’ is requisite reading. This is the man who says brazenly that he readily identifies with Israeli crimes and that he couldn’t bring himself to say bad things about Israel.

The victims of the first Kristallnacht enjoy the world’s approbation and sympathy, while at the same time having succeeded in demonizing an entire people, for whom Kristallnacht still remains a night without end.

Today, 63 years of rape, theft and oppression are being glorified and hallowed by the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the holocaust. And the result is a satanic entity that practices every conceivable depravity and employs every type of mendacity to hide its shame.

Israel celebrates freedom while more than nine million Palestinians are treated like slaves or children of a lesser God, some languishing in refugee camps, also for 63 years, or subjected to horrible conditions such as mass detention, collective starvation, daily persecution, with no freedom and very little hope for a better tomorrow.

I don't know for sure how Israel's ultimate end will come to pass. However, I am sure of one thing. That end will happen sooner than many people think.

Perhaps then, Palestinians, and also Jews, will find real freedom. After all, Zionism has also transformed most Jews from decent human being into land thieves, child killers, and, above all, practitioners of mendacity.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

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