Sunday, 24 July 2011

Cosmic Verses

By Nahida the exiled Palestinian

Verses of the universe

* The universe is built upon two major concepts:
Balance and harmony and that translate in human terms as justice and peace.

* Anarchism can coexist beautifully along with supreme order, and that’s actually what’s happening in the model of the universe, beneath all the apparent chaos that we see there are mathematical laws that govern all.

* Cold and darkness are not real qualities of the universe; they are merely shortage of heat and absence of light. So is evil in our lives, it’s not a real entity; it is only the absence of good that makes evil manifest.

* Symmetry and repetition don’t exist in the universe, heterogeneous societies and unique beings are the equivalent of that in human life.

* The second law of thermodynamics states that energy/matter always disperses, spreads out and moves in one direction – with time- towards equilibrium, so should wealth in human civilization.

* Just like the cosmos from the smallest of its particles to the largest, we can only experience absolute freedom only when living in utter surrender.

* Beauty is an original quality of the universe, morality, compassion and kindness are the translation in human language.

* The continuous eternal dance of subatomic particles between existence and annihilation resembles our experience of nearness and remoteness from The One Most Loving.

* The motivator of all movement and action in both the universe and human life, and what lies at the core and essence of both is pure unconditional love.


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