Sunday, 27 January 2013

Saudis go to Zaatari Camp to rape the Syrian girls

British Newspaper documented rapes cases carried out by Saudi men against Syrian girls  not as young as the age of majority in Zaatari camp in Jordan.

"Telegraph" the British Newspaper highlighted Syrian refugees in Jordan, where there are hundreds of Syrian families who fled their country, to suffer because of the lining Trades, as men resort to "agents" in search of "Syrian refugees for sexual purposes."

And it is often under the cover of marriage, as transaction price is determined by selecting the dowry, which turned into the price paid by the "groom" for sexual services in the framework of the "marital relationship" does not last for more than a few days, or sometimes hours as the paper points out
The newspaper quotes the British Society activist statements "Book of the Year" for the charity, which referred to "temporary marriage", and that "these marriages are not real handwritten document without recorded by any Senator."

Activist adds that "grooms" often come from Saudi Arabia as well as to other countries in order to marry one of the women camps. And they rent  homes for "wives' siblings" away from the refugee camp, also pledge their outlay, and then divorce after one week.

He says many Syrian women has been tricked by "husbands" who promise that marriage will be that way for a short period, and they will take them to Saudi Arabia to document the marriage. But the men left refugee and change their phone numbers
A refugee camp in Zaatari Jordan called Zainab, a mother of two daughters, said that “married men are coming into the camp in search of girls to pair them”, and that it is "under the pretext of doing charity work and help us."

In the same regard, Zaatari camp guards told the newspaper that they are receiving requests continuously from Arab men, Saudi Arabia and Jordan for the most part, express their desire to enter the camp to find "a young and nice bride
According to estimates by the United Nations and aid organizations, 500 Syrian girls at least  have been married whom they did not reach adulthood yet "only this year".

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