Saturday, 21 July 2018

israeli Minister: “israeli Jets Should Drop Bombs Over the Heads of Gaza Children” And they wonder why “anti-Semitism” is on the increase

Featured image: Israeli Education Minister, Naftali Bennett [Solidarity with Palestine Walter Herrman/Facebook]
Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennet has insisted that Israeli warplanes should drop bombs over the heads of Palestinian children flying kites into Israel, Ynet Net News reported.
During the meeting of the Israeli Security Cabinet on Sunday, which convened to discuss the latest Israeli attacks on the besieged Gaza Strip, Bennet said:
“Why not shoot anyone who launches aerial weapons at our communities, and at the cells?
“There is no legal impediment. Why shoot next to them and not directly at them? These are terrorists for all intents and purposes.”
When the Israeli Army Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot responded, saying:
“I don’t think shooting teens and children – who are sometimes the ones launching the balloons and kites – is right.”
He also asked Bennet:
“Are you proposing to drop a bomb from a plane on incendiary balloon and kite cells?”
Bennett stressed that the Israeli army should do this, pushing the army chief to say:
“I disagree with you. It’s against my operational and moral positions.”
Most of the Palestinians who fly the kites during the Great March of Return, which started on 30 March, are children.

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