Wednesday, 18 July 2018

The Independent: Donald Trump is Cozying up to Vladimir Putin while Cutting off Europe – We Should Be Scared

After the meeting between the US President Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in the Finnish capital Helsinki, the Western media highlighted the new American foreign policy which has been unfolding over the last month with Russia.
The British Newspaper The Independent said that the most important and critical time in American foreign policy since the coming of the Trump administration has been unfolding over the last month with Vladimir Putin emerging as the clear and undisputed winner, adding that the actions and words of the president of the United States have weakened his Western allies while strengthening Russia.
“What emerged at the Helsinki summit further illustrated the Russian leader’s winning position. He had, he said openly at their joint press conference, wanted Trump to win the US presidential election over Hillary Clinton, something he has now achieved.”
The Independent quoted Trump’s suspicious critics as asking: “Just why is The Donald so afraid of offending Putin?” “Seriously what does Putin have on Trump that he’s so afraid?”
“Heiko Maas, the German foreign minister, complained about the US president’s ‘sharp verbal attacks’ and ‘absurd tweets’ and acknowledged ‘we can no longer completely rely on the White House’. European Council president Donald Tusk claimed Trump was spreading ‘fake news’ by saying the European Union was a foe.”
The British paper also reported that the Russian media described Trump-Putin meeting as “main political event” of the year, adding the Kremlin run television channel, Rossiya 1, maintained that “the show is over. Now the work begins. After all he was just passing through Brussels and London on his way to Helsinki.”
The Independent concluded that the nature of that work which will be of worry to America’s Western allies as they find themselves pushed away by the US president.
“The meeting with Putin may well have been the ‘main political event’ of the journey, and maybe it is indeed the case that ‘now the work begins’.”
SourceThe Independent
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