Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Trump Abandoned US Allies in Syria, Russia Big Winner: Israeli Media

US President Donald Trump
US President Donald Trump is continuing his predecessor Barack Obama’s ‘disastrous’ Syria policy, Israeli website Wallah reported.
Trump abandoned US’ allies in Syria and left them alone, according to the Israeli website.
“When Trump announced he would withdraw US forces from Syria, Obama’s forecast turned to be true: Russia got the bases it wanted in Syria, Iran strengthened its alliance with Assad and Hezbollah,” the website said, referring to Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad.
“All those who trusted the US’ unfounded promises found out that they have to surrender to Putin, Assad, Khamenei and Erdogan,” Wallah said, referring to Russian president, Leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran and Turkish president.
According to the Israeli media outlet, “Israel is the first side which had to accommodate to the old-new condition in the region. However, instead of accommodating to a weak Syria, Israel had to accommodate to a regime that now controls all of Syria.”
“Iran has emerged victorious from the Syrian war,” Wallah said, stressing that Russian is the big winner in this war as it returned to the region.
Wallah noted meanwhile, that Trump is not annoyed from the current situation, “as he considers that the US forces who are deployed abroad pose economic burden on Washington.

SourceIsraeli media
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