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Israel "Closely Monitoring" Ahmadinejad's Visit to South Lebanon - Ahmadinejad from Bint Jbeil: Zionists Will Not Last Long!

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14/10/2010 From the land of dignity and honor, the land of resistance and sacrifices, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad delivered messages of strength and victory against the Israeli enemy…

Speaking from the southern town of Bint Jbei which witnessed fierce battles between Hezbollah and the Israeli enemy during the July 2006 war in which the Resistance emerged as victorious, Ahmadinejad praised the Resistance heroes. "You are the heroes that guard Lebanon's sovereignty," he told southern residents. "You have proven that no force in the world can beat you. The resistance of the Lebanese nation, born from faith in God, can stand up to any Israeli force – planes, tanks and ships."

Ahmadinejad's speech in Bint Jbeil, four km (two miles) north of the border with the occupied territories, has strong symbolism. In 2000, Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah delivered a victory speech there two days after Israel ended 22 years of occupation of south Lebanon thanks to the Resistance.

"The Zionists planned to destroy this village, but it stood strong against the occupiers," Ahmadinejad said. "The whole world should know that the Zionist will eventually disappear and Bint Jbeil will remain alive," he added.

"Hadn't it been for your resistance and heroic steadfastness, it wouldn't have been known if the border between Lebanon and Israel would be liberated now, you have proved that your jihad is stronger than tanks," the Iranian President said, addressing hundreds of thousands of supporters who were waving Iranian flags and cheering.

"The resistance of the Lebanese people stems from faith and patience, and today the resisting human has turned into an example to be copied," he said, noting that the Resistance is the symbol of the victory of the peoples of Lebanon and the whole region.

"There's no doubt that your enemies fear your unity. Unity is the symbol of endurance, steadfastness and victory. We thank God that all the Lebanese had shown a spirit of unity and patience, which allowed them to emerge victorious."

"Let the world know that the Zionists had planned to attack the glorious Bint Jbeil, believing that this thing would frustrate the Lebanese. I declare here that Bint Jbeil is alive and shall remain, and let the world know that the Zionists will cease to exist. Today, the occupier Zionists have no choice but to return to their original homelands. "

The head of the Loyalty to the Resistance parliamentary bloc MP Mohamad Raad also spoke during the ceremony, welcoming Ahmadinejad and thanking him for "supporting the causes of the oppressed peoples."

"We welcome you here in Bint Jbeil where the Resistance leader stood a few years ago, announcing to the whole world that the Israeli enemy was in fact weaker than a spiderweb," Raad said, addressing the Iranian President."

Iranian flags and posters lined the main roads in south Lebanon. At the entrance of Bint Jbeil a giant banner read "welcome" in Farsi and Arabic.

Signs on billboards and banners said: "The south welcomes the protector of the resistance."

Buses transported hundreds of Lebanese from Beirut, the Bekaa valley and other villages in the south to a stadium in Bint Jbeil where the ceremony was expected to be held.

"I am here to show my support for this fighter who gave unlimited support for the resistance until we reached liberation," said 65-year-old Hussein Ayash, who came from the village of Khiyam, 30 km (20 miles) away.

The Iranian President also visited the village of Qana where he laid wreath at the Martyrs' Cemetry of Qana. He said that the Islamic Republic of Iran will remain at the side of the region's nations, noting that Qana's martyrs are alive whereas its enemies are dead. "I came to say peace be upon Qana, the land of endurance and resistance," he said. "Today, Qana is a living evidence of the valiant resistance of the Israeli enemy's criminal mentality," he added.

Israel "Closely Monitoring" Ahmadinejad's Visit to South Lebanon

14/10/2010 In the second day of the historical visit paid by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Lebanon, it was clear that the Zionist entity was "closely monitoring" the Iranian leader's visit to south Lebanon, as media reports said that Israel has raised alert level near the border with Palestinian occupied territories.

Media reports on Thursday said that the Zionist entity has raised alert level near border, sending reinforcement to outposts.

According to an-Nashra Lebanese website's correspondent in Lebanon's south reported that Israel reinforced its occupation soldiers at the occupied territories in Palestine amid extensive overflights to the Israeli airplanes over the occupied Golan and Shebaa farms.

Ahmadinejad was scheduled to make a trip to south Lebanon Thursday afternoon. He would address crowds in Bint Jbeil, known as resistance capital, and to Qana, both towns in the south of the country.

The head of the Israeli "Defense" Ministry's political- security branch, Amos Gilad, said that Iran "wants to turn Lebanon entirely into an Iranian extension," calling it a "tragedy that Lebanon's leadership was allowing 'a man who is not Arab and an extremist leader to destroy Lebanon from the inside."
"Ahmadinejad's visit 'illustrates the Iranian trend to take control over southern Lebanon especially," Gilad said, adding: "It is very important to prevent that."

For his part, Israeli Government spokesman Mark Regev slammed the trip Thursday, saying "Iran's domination of Lebanon through its proxy Hezbollah has destroyed any chance for peace, has turned Lebanon into an Iranian satellite and made Lebanon a hub for regional terror and instability."

On the American view, and in light of the warm welcome with which Ahmadinejad was received in Lebanon, the Lebanese daily An-Nahar on Thursday quoted sources in the U.S. Congress as renewing opposition to U.S. military "assistance" to Lebanon.

In August, two key Democrats, Representatives Nita Lowey and Howard Berman, announced they were holding up $100 million that had been approved for Lebanon's army but not yet spent. At the time, lawmakers said they were blocking U.S. funding due to a deadly border clash between Lebanon and Israel.

According to An-Nahar, Lowey and Berman vehemently now oppose the transfer of the funds.

On Wednesday, the U.S. expressed concern over Ahmadinejad's two-day visit to Lebanon, saying support for Hezbollah undermines Lebanese sovereignty.
Ahmadinejad is continuing his "provocative ways," the White House said in a statement Wednesday.


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