Friday, 15 October 2010

The widow of that "Nigerian-general" and the widow of Ramallah

Frustrated Arab's Diary

the Nigerian-widow ..........with the 35 Million-Dollars.
Often you would receive a message like this :
"I am a widow of a Nigerian General and my husband died tragically
and has left behind 35 Million Dollars of an unspent funds
and I would like to trust you and send you this amount ,
if you promise to return ,to me , 70% of this amount........ " unquote
and then, you know the end of such a  story.....
(otherwise you would not be still smiling today).
Anyhow ,
the world is not immune to fantasies and legends
and also theatrical-deceptions.
But I also received, recently ,another message:
in which it is said that :
Hilary and Benjanin are intending to give to Mahmoud 100%  of Palestine
provided that  Mahmoud returns 70% of it to Benjamin.....
I do not know which of the two above messages, is more plausible
or more credible or at least , realistic......... ??
The world if full of crooks and liars,
but statistically speaking, there is more chance
in beleiving that Nigerian-general's-widow,
because there is a one chance out of a million that she really exists.....
which is more probable than what Hilary and Benjamin are offering ,
do not trust those two !!
they are "Nigerian-Cyber-crooks" , also.
Sherlock Hommos
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