Wednesday, 21 November 2012

“Almost Worse Than Anti-Semitic ”

by Roy Bard
Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

Carlos Latuff the Brazilian cartoonist appears to have reached new heights in his career, after Marvin_Hier, twice named “most influential Rabbi in America” by Newsweek, branded one of his cartoons “almost worse than anti-Semitic”.

According to The Algemeiner :

“An anti-Semitic cartoon can be recognized by the reader as such,” Hier explained, “But a cartoon where he attempts to show that Netanyahu started this (Israel’s current Pillar of Defense operation) for votes. It is almost worse than an anti-Semitic cartoon comparing Israelis to Nazis. It is an outrageous lie.”

It isn’t immediately apparent how suggesting that one man’s cynical ploy for power is a slur on all Jews. Furthermore, how the “almost worse than” label can help us to understand what he is trying to say is unclear, but one thing is for sure, Latuff is not alone in believing that the current murderous assault on Palestinians is motivated by electoral considerations on Netanyahu’s part. In fact a list of Israeli offensives and election dates is currently doing the rounds on Twitter.

Latuff is however determined to press on, regardless. His response so far has included a second cartoon, starring the Rabbi:

and a tweet which suggests that his cartoons will continue to upset the waa-waa Wabbi for years to come.

Whether the Huffingtom Post will have the guts to stand up to the petulant holy man remains to be seen.

Yet another attempt to stifle debate and shut down criticism. Yawn…..

If only Marv and his tribe could find it in themselves to get as upset over the slaughtered babies, there might be no need for such cartoons in the future.
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Mr. Mcgranor said...

I think you Arabs--even the Eastern/Oriental Orthodox need to join in going to war with Israel. What is the problem?

Michael said...

Nukes in the hands of madmen perhaps?