Friday, 23 November 2012

Beloved People of Gaza

 Beloved people of Gaza

 Treasured heroes of Palestine

Teachers of love, courage and dignity

 Archetype of humanity

 Allow me to kneel down

 And wash your feet with my tears

 Kiss your blessed hands

 And sprinkle your beautiful faces

With musk and scented rose petals

 While we sat pondering like fools

 Utterly helpless

 Talking much and doing little

 Going round and round in circles

 Thinking how to help

 What to offer you to relief some of your pain

 As usual Full of surprises,

You come out to our rescue

 Soothe our agony

 You offer most precious gifts

 Lessons in bravery

 Steadfastness, patience, perseverance, 

Defiance, resilience

 Optimism against all odds

 Creativity in the face of utter oblivion

 You’ve demonstrated;

We are the captives

You are the free ones

 You chose resistance over subjugation

 You decided

 Never to surrender 

Never to be enslaved 

Not even to superpowers 

Would we ever learn from you? 

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