Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Al-Intiqad: Future MP, Rebel Groups Prepare for Attacking Syrian Border Posts

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Well informed sources in the Northern Lebanese region, Akkar, revealed that Syrian armed groups intensified their presence in the region.

In details, a significant increase had been noticed in the numbers of armed groups all along the Akkari villages and towns, especially in the border towns and villages of Wadi Khaled passing by central al-Dreb to reach the coastal villages.

Meanwhile, the sources confirmed that these armed groups are preparing for a military action against Syrian army border positions. They are likely to target one of the three border crossings: Boqaia, Abboudia, or al-Arida.

Another option for the militants is to attack the strategic Syrian military posts that overlooks the Lebanese territories.

"The zero hour to attack the Syrian army positions will be determined by a Future Party MP, who embraces three senior officers of the "Free Syrian Army" militia," the sources said.

They further unveiled that the three men will supervise the operations of these armed groups and their deployment in border villages after arriving via private vehicles belonging to the Future MP.

"Numerous meetings are periodically being held between this MP and these defector officers in the former's house after being summoned by him from their residences in al-Dreb region," al-Intiqad learned.

In parallel it further quoted sources as warning that "this MP aims to use these fighters in any internal conflict."

"He intends to remove the Syrian Social Nationalist Party headquarters from Halba in case of the erupt of any internal disturbances in the North or between "March 14" and "March 8" supporters," they clarified.

"This MP has more than two hundred elements in the "FSA" and various armed gangs," the source said, and pointed out that " he is in full coordination with one of the extremist Salafist Sheikhs in the capital of the North, Tripoli."

The sources also mentioned that "this MP coordinates with Sheikh Ahmad al-Assir in Sidon, who struggled to recruit fighters from Akkar ahead of combining them to his military wing, to be announced soon.

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