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In an Inteview with Dam Press, General Amin Htait said:

I was amazed today by the flood of praise Mishaal to the Emir of Qatar using the liseners as if the resistance missiles hitting Tel Aviv were Qatari made.
The conspiracy against the resistance in Gaza, today, is similar to that carried out by Palestinian and Arab hands in the West Bank to liquidate the resistance.
I am afraid that there will be a new Oslo, a new PA, and security coordination on the horizon giving the bread and taking the land and identity of the Palestinians. The hope of foiling the plan, and continueing the confrontation depends on the honorable resistance fighters in Gaza who were not fooled by the lie of Arab spring.
Let us remember the pre-Oslo stage, and how Fatah hawks, Abu Jihad, Abu Iyad, Abu Al-houl, who could have been an obstacle to the settlement between the Arafat and the Israelis, has been eliminated. More here

Hamas leader Mahmoud Al Rumhi Legislative Council member of the Hamas movement, Said on Monday, that if Israel wanted to live in peace in the Middle East region, it should open negotiations and dialog with the leadership of the Hamas movement.

The Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has said that peace cannot be achieved in either Palestine or the region without the involvement of the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas.

“No war without Egypt, no peace without Syria.” — Henry Kissinger

In an interview conducted by Speigel news magazine on Jan,15  2009 with President Assad,
SPIEGEL asked : "Mr. President....No one in the Arab world has as much influence on Hamas as you do. Couldn't you have tempered the fighters?"

Assad replied:
"It always depends on how one uses one's influence. Our most urgent objective is to stop the attack. The fighting must come to an end, and this applies to both sides. In addition, the Israeli embargo against Gaza must end, because sealing the borders is strangling the population. The blockade is a slow death. People don't just die as a result of bombs, but also because their supplies of medications and food are cut off."

Two years later, after the so-called Arab spring" Assad lost his on the ungratfull leadership of Hamas, he hosted and protected, and ....No one in the Arab world has as much influence on Hamas political leadership as Qatar do.  

According to Syria Truth, Syria have well documentation proving that the security official for "Hamas" in Damascus Kamal Hosni Ghanajah, known as "Nizar Abu Mujahid," and who was assassinated in Damascus in June last year, was running terrorist operations funded by Qatar on Syrian territory...  

In his Visit to Gaza before the Israeli Pillar of cloud, the Emir of Qatar told Palestinians:
"Your resistance camp isn’t resisting, and your peace camp isn’t negotiating, so why don’t you make up?"
The Emir of Qatar didn’t explain why there should be a reconciliation, or over what.

As the Emir is aware that the resistance camp has never stopped resisting, and whereas Hamas belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood, and the parent organization’s current priorities do not include resistance, and whereas Hamas has become Hamasan, (Divided into two Hamas) one linked to resistance, and other overseas Hamas linked to Global Muslim Brotherhood, represented by Meshaal, the Emir dceided to bring the resisting Hamas to terms, as Arafat did on his long way towards OSLO.

Targeting senior resistance commanders such as Martyred Ahmad Jaabari at the time of the truce with Israel, rises doubts especially that his movements inside Gaza were highly confidential and known to a reliable limited number.

Jaabari was the military field commander of the main Palestinian faction whose excellent ties with Iran were not affected by the controversy between Hamas and Iran over Syria.

Was Jaabari liquidated after a Western - Israeli decision to bring Hamas, voluntarily into the circle of domestication after the elimination of the field hawks in preparation for OSLO II?

According to the Palestinian newspaper, Al-sbah, Ghassan Ben Jeddo, who has entered the stronghold of al-Qassam Brigades and met with the Martyr Jaabari before resigning from Al-Jazeera revealed that Al-Jazeera recruits western intelligence agents, not reporters. The channel bears the responsibility of the assassination of martyr Jaabari through giving the Zionists a detailed report on the trip he made to Gaza and his interview with Al-Jabari during the Israeli aggression on Gaza in 2008 and lengthy scenes were aired by the channel.

Ghassan Ben Jeddo explained that the same scenario was followed when his colleague Yusri Fuda met with Bin Ashiba the member of al Qaeda in Pakistan who was arrested by CIA a week later. Fuda resigned from Al-Jazeera and remained silent throughout the past period.

He added, according to the same newspaper he will not remain silent, as did his fellow Fuda and will expose Al Jazeera, which used, directly or indirectly, Broadcasters and reporters inteligence tools. [Bin Jeddo denied the story]

According to a report published by the Fars news agency, the Qatari emir’s visit to Gaza aimed at locating Hamas leaders. He distributed watches and ballpoint pens among Hamas leaders, which could transmit low-frequency signals to Israeli satellites. The Israeli military officials use the received signals to spot the high-tanking Hamas fighters, and launch assassination strikes on them.

Let us recall the story of Oslo I as told by Alan, the linkman beween Peres and "FATHER PALESTINE".

My comments in green.

 "When Arafat agreed to participate in what I called a conspiracy for peace, he said this to me:

“You must understand that I am putting my life into your hands. If word of this leaks before I have something concrete to show for it, I will be assassinated.”
Some years later I discovered who the assassin would have been.

Over lunch in his home, I told Abu Iyad the story of my secret shuttle diplomacy between Arafat and Peres, and I ended by quoting what Arafat had said to me at the start of it – that he would be assassinated if word that he was engaged in dialogue with Peres through me leaked.

Abu Iyad said: He was telling you the truth. I would not have ordered anybody else to shoot him, I would have done it myself, with my own gun.”

The following day I told Arafat what Abu Iyad had said. He gave me a long, hard look. Then, in a very matter of fact voice, he said: I knew that. Abu Iyad would have been the one to do it.” (For those in this audience who may not be familiar with Fatah and PLO politics in 1980 when I started my secret, shuttle diplomacy, Abu Iyad was then the one in Fatah’s top leadership who believed that Arafat’s decision to continue the struggle by politics and diplomacy alone was wrong).

Who killed Abu Iyad and Abu Jihad "FATHER INTIFADA"?

The full, inside story of my shuttle diplomacy is in the forthcoming Volume 3 of the American edition of Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews. To wet your appetite for it, and before I get to the climax of my favourite Arafat story, I’ll tell you another because it illustrates how pragmatic, how flexible and how serious Arafat was in his effort to do business with Israel, in order to get an acceptable minimum of justice for his people.

( I would say in order to do his Task -selling Palestine )

At a point in my to’ing and fro-ing between Arafat in Beirut and Peres in Tel Aviv, I decided that we had made enough progress to suggest that they should have a secret, face-to-face meeting. I suggested it first to Arafat. (For background I should tell you that he was not consulting any of his leadership colleagues). When I put the idea to him, Arafat had only one question – What, really, were the prospects of Peres winning the next election and becoming prime minister? I said the expectation in Israel was that he would win. The polls were actually giving his Labour Party a more than 20% lead over Begin’s Likud. Arafat then said, Yes, I’ll meet with him.” He had only one condition. The meeting could not take place “anywhere on Arab soil”. I said that was no problem. I lived in a rural even remote part of southern England and the meeting could take place in my home. Arafat said, “You have tell me only where and when and I’ll be there“.

Mr. Hart failed to get the "Peace Partners" together, because the Israeli party was fearing treason accusation and Arafat was fearing assasination by Abu Iyad.

Therfore , I may conclude that 1982 War was needed by both Parties, Arafat used it to justify laying his gun and moving to Tunis in stead of SYRIA, and later, after getting rid of  Abu Iyad, Abu Jihad, and Abu Al-houl to tjustify selling out Palestine rights under the Slogan "'Ya Wahdana" - (Oh, we are alone). 

In 1982, the Muslim Brotherhood took up arms against the regime in the city of Hama. Abu Ammar, who like many Fateh historic leaders was a former Muslim brother, tried to dip his bread in the Syrian dish, besides the ideological motivation to stand by the Muslim Brotherhood in their battle against Hafez al-Assad, the political motivation was not less clear. Abu Ammar wanted to embarrass Sadat and "Camp David, but as a broker, and his best available entrance was playing within the "House of Hafez al-Assad" himself!

For weapon, he had assumed his command Brigadier "Abu Taan" (Mustafa Dib Khalil), leader of the "Palestinians armed struggle force" in Lebanon, who built his "land bridge" to supply "Islamic fighting gangs" with weapons across the Syrian-Lebanese border....
g For the car bombs, Arafat assigned "Abdullah Abbasi" Abu Amjad, well known to Syrian political detainees who were in Sednaya military prison during the nineties.....

Connecting the dots, and taking into consideration, that Hamas accused Islamic Jihad for Implication of Hamas, since the beginning, in the ongoing confrontation with Israel to serve Iranian agendas Syria, I think General Htait hit the nail in saying:  The war against Gaza, if successful, God forbid could be called in future the war to extend the authority of the Muslim Brotherhood on the Arab world, the alternative homeland war. But,  the probability of success of this satanic plan is limited due to several considerations, including Palestinian heterogeneity and field capacity of the resistance factions in Gaza that may make the task of Hamas in the domestication and taming resistance, a difficult task. 

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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